Why I Love Frat Boys, Even If Society Doesn’t

Frat guys get a bad rap. Society sees them as a liability, a lawsuit, or scandal waiting to happen. Most people seem to think that they are entitled, loud, aggressive, and spend too much time drinking with their brothers, talking about what chicks they banged that weekend.

If you’ve spent time hanging out in frat houses, however, then you know that there is so much more to frat boys than the stereotype, which is exactly why we love them (and it’s not just because their rush shirts are comfy as f*ck).

1. They know how to work for what they want.

Society likes to say that fraternity boys are entitled and superior, but they put in the work for their house and letters. Rush and pledging are the best examples of this.

They spent hours on end, for months, learning about their fraternity, their chapter, and their brothers, because they wanted to be a part of something bigger than themselves–and also for the girls and the alcohol. And the parties. But I’m sure brotherhood was important too.

2. They know how to work hard and play harder.

Fraternity brothers have to maintain a certain GPA, participate in philanthropy hours for their nationals and within their local community, and they’re required to work to better their chapter. But they also know how to balance all that work with a good time.

Ok, so maybe they tend to get out of hand, but can you blame them? If you worked that hard on a daily basis, you’d want to party just as hard and as often #SorryForPartying.

3. They’re not prejudiced or ignorant.

There are small-minded people everywhere. Being in a fraternity opens your mind. Fraternities are based on the idea that men from all walks of life can come together to be something bigger.

Fraternities don’t make people ignorant – but sometimes alcohol does. And you should never judge a frat boy by what he says when he’s hammered. You’ve been warned.

4. They don’t see girls as just conquests.

Ok, maybe they do, but fraternity boys are social and easy to talk to, that’s why they make the best friends (with benefits?). They know how to have fun, are always down to drink and let loose, and will be the first ones to offer the couch for the night or walk us home.

And there is also no greater accomplishment then being able to outdrink a frat boy or beat him at beer pong, then rub it in his face at any and all opportunities.

5. They understand the greater good.

Being in a fraternity, is all about what’s best for the organization as a whole. Frat guys understand how being apart of something bigger than yourself makes you better.

They probably shouldn’t be obnoxious about how great they think they are (i.e. chanting the fraternity name wherever you go), but isn’t that why we love them?

6. They do more than drink and party.

Fraternities  embody a set of values and characteristics that help shape their organization. As a result, frat guys come to embody and live out these values and principles as they become a part of the organization.

Granted, most of our conversations with them revolve around who could outdrink each other or if we have any hot, single friends, but frat guys can also talk about things of more substance – but probably only will if there are advisors and/or parents present.

7. They look out for each other.

You can’t go through rush and pledging with a group of guys and not create a bond deeper than just friendship. These guys are their brothers, and there is something endearing and refreshing about guys who will do just about anything for each other.

Well, it’s not endearing when you’re stuck on the couch watching him play FIFA for hours with his brothers when you were supposed to go to dinner, but hey, he’ll find a way to make it up to you when he takes you to formal.