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Coco Lab Teeth Whitening Solution: Our Editor’s Review

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What The Heck Are They? The Scoop

Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

From whitening strips, foams, serums and powders to the full monty with a LED light that you activate with your smartphone, Coco Lab has natural teeth whitening solutions at various price points.

What CocoLab Says

Professional Teeth Whitening Kit –

Our most powerful teeth whitening kit. Comes with three of our precision pens, loaded with our extra-strength whitening serum + 1 free ultra-strength pen for tough stains. The booster LED light will connect to any Smartphones to help you get an incredibly brighter smile in less that 10 minutes a day.

Conscious that teeth whitening is often expensive, painful and not always effective, we plan to change this by sticking to three major cornerstones:

  • To whiten your teeth in a natural way while also reducing the risk of sensitivity to zero
  • And to be accessible to all, while also maintaining optimum quality
  • To help the most disadvantaged by donating part of our profits to enable children in third world countries to access dental care

Since the entire world is a source of beauty, we have selected the best natural extracts to make your smile sparkle.

The active charcoal from coconuts, present in the majority of our products because of its whitening qualities, is cultivated responsibly on small farms in Indonesia.

We also use extracts of aloe vera to strengthen your gums, grapefruit oil to protect the enamel and peppermint for ever-fresher breath.

Our products our guaranteed cruelty-free, certified vegan and our ingredients are organically farmed.


Are They Easy To Use?

The simple to use instructions come with the kit and features a teeth whitening graph with tooth color images so you can compare your results daily.

What they say:

The results last for up to 12 months. The shades of white achieved will gradually fade according to your diet and/or your consumption of food and drink such as alcohol and coffee.

In order to prolong the achieved results we advise repeating the treatment every 2 weeks.


Are They Affordable?

The professional kit is the priciest at $89.95  It comes with four whitening pens and the led light charges from you phone, so you will have multiple uses. The kit comes with a chart so you can track your progress. The kit is dentist approved and they back results by offering a money back guarantee.  And once you have the LED booster, it is easy to replenish the whitening pens at 22.95 each.


Other Options

They have a teeth whitening kit without the LED light feature which is priced at 59.95.

Whitening strips are 29.95 and are charcoal infused for natural whitening.

Charcoal Powder is priced at 15.95

And their whitening foam toothpaste is priced at 19.95

Their website offers ten percent off for new customers with a subscription service


Would I Purchase Them?

I prefer the LED light option. And the whitening serum is mild as it contains natural whiteners such as charcoal, coconut and aloe to reduce gum inflammation. I will continue to use this kit and if the results keep coming, I will definitely purchase more serum.

Would I Recommend Them?

I have been whitening my teeth for a week now, and I would definitely recommend them. Their natural ingredients are vegan and cruelty free and ethically sourced. . And their system is easy to use. I like that their products are ethically sourced and cruelty free and their giving back makes them a conscious company.


The Down low on The Downside

Not everyone has $89.95 to purchase a teeth whitening kit. But since the serum is so natural, and easy on the gums, I suggest trying their serum kit for $59.95. Alternatively, trying their strips as the same, natural whitening serum is on them. And they are also guaranteeing that those will give you great results at a lower price point.

If you purchase the professional kit, you may find yourself gripping on the mouth guard a bit on the first whitening round. Try and relax your gums a bit to have a better experience. Also try and go for two rounds the first few times (20 minutes).  You will see better results and it will get you in a groove to do the ten minutes daily to see those ongoing results.

While I love the idea that this company is giving back profits so support third world dentistry, but it would be great to see more about how they are achieving that on their website.


Our Overall Rating 4.8 out of 5

I truly loathe teeth whitening. The process is usually so messy and gross and I always wonder how many chemicals I am challenging my enamel with.

CocoLab was a unique experience for me. The easy to use product and natural whitening serum left a good taste in my mouth and my smile, a bit brighter.  Purchase your COCO Lab teeth whitening supplies on their website here. 

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