Copper Clothing: Copper Defence Mask: Editor’s Review

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What The Heck Are They? The Scoop

Copper has antimicrobial properties. And Copper Defence uses their copper technology to manufacture clothing, surgical and non surgical masks and more. They continue to use their antimicrobial solutions to further connect with customers and to forward think immunity and long term health and wellbeing for all.

They sent me a lovely copper mask which I wore for a few days.  As someone who teaches fitness and runs around most days, my mask comfort is a must. I love the idea that the copper defence system is protecting me a bit extra, so I was happy to do this review. Fun fact, I actually have copper around my computer and have known for a long time the protection that copper can offer against pathogens,


What They Say

Copper Defence is pioneering the research and development behind copper-infused technology to revolutionize the way we tackle antibiotic resistance. Our goal is to reduce the spread of infectious diseases through commercializing a range of high quality, durable, non-drug, non-invasive and affordable anti-microbial solutions.


Did you know?

80 percent of all infections are transmitted by hand??

Resistance to antibiotics is expected to kill 10 million people a year globally by 2050. That is an incredible statistic!

Outbreaks of infectious diseases are accelerating all around you. By 2050, $100 trillion of economic output is at risk due to the rise of Superbugs. Copper Defence is a proactive solution to combat the rise of drug-resistant bacteria.

NHS Diabetes estimated £650 million was spent on foot ulcers or amputations each year. Copper Defence can help reduce the risk of diabetic-related foot amputations by nurturing healthier feet.

Copper Defence provides a cost-effective, high quality, natural and long-lasting anti-microbial solution.

Their lightweight four layer mask was very comfortable with a nice nose brim for extra breathability. Simple straps with adjuster ties on the side with a soft white inner lining. A muted slate grey makes the mask neutral enough to wear everyday.

Ease of Use, Packaging?

The mask came in a small shipping box and wrapped in a sanitary plastic wrap. Wash your mask with cooled boiled water and no detergent.


While it came in plastic, the mask itself looks to be made with pure cotton and some elastic.

Is It Affordable?

They retail for 27-30.00 USD on their website.  So you will be paying a bit more for the extra copper protection.

Would I Purchase?

I found the mask extra comfortable and I loved the four layer protection. Because the material is is made with copper, it will maintain its antimicrobial protection even with many washes. So I will definitely buy more.

Would I Recommend ?

I would recommend this mask. I am also interested in buying their gloves and checking out the other products on their customer website.


The Downlow on The Downside

Copper is antimicrobial. So the mask is a bit more expensive because of the technology. So this is the case of you get what you pay for if you want a pathogen destroying mask. And don’t we all?

The care instructions require a second read to. While the mask is sanitized as is, the care instructions are specified here- so read carefully before you wash.

You can get your mask and other copper clothing here.

Our Overall Rating 4.9 out of 5


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