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Pacifica Beauty Vegan And Cruelty Free. Our Editor’s Review


The Down low on The Downside

While their products may be found in your local grocer, you really are better off buying off of their website. Their easy to navigate website has their full product line. And you can benefit from their sales, loyalty and rewards programs, as well as free shipping.

Their products are vegan, cruelty free, plant based and natural. However, I cannot confirm that all of their products are organic.


Our Overall Rating 4.7 out of 5

I give Pacifica Beauty my highest rating yet. They cater to all ages and skin types for women. The have a great loyalty program and their website is user friendly.

They are vegan, plant based, and cruelty free and they give back to the community, promoting diversity and positive change.  I am very sensitive with eye makeup and last year, I had my niece do my makeup with just their products. She did a great job for a seven year old and my skin was not irritated. And she has tree nut allergies and had no issues using the makeup. So bravo, Pacifica! We love conscious companies striving for change and we support you!

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