The Good Home Co Household Care Products Our Editor’s Review


The Down low on The Downside

While some boutiques carry The Good Home Co,  It’s best to subscribe to their mailing lists and shop with them directly. They often have specials and sales on different scent lines, so you can stock up.

Like a butterfly, constantly evolving, The Good Home Co has kept some amazing products and has discontinued some great ones, that weren’t so great for the planet. Know that they are being kind to every kind with vegan and cruelty free products and keep an eye out for items that they discontinue.

And be sure to jump into their clearance sale on the regular. Their summer cottage lotion is lovely and on sale right now.


Our Overall Rating 4.9 out of 5

I have been using the The Good Home Co products for over fifteen years now. Over the years, The Good Home Co, has helped me make my manhattan shoe box smell like a lavender palace, my kanas city loft smell like a grassy meadow and my beach home smell, extra summery. I am looking forward to trying their latest laundry scent, Hyacinth, made with loving care from a daughter to honor her mother who has passed.

You can learn more about Christine here- and check out her book on how to Detox Your Home. It offers helpful household tips on how to keep your environment clean conscious and chemical free.

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