21 Reasons To Get A COVID Vaccine In 2021

The pandemic has completely altered all of our lives. And while I know there are reasons for some to not receive the COVID-19 Vaccine, here are twenty one reasons why I can’t wait to take the vaccine.

1.) Hugs – I love hugs! Hugging friends and family members makes me happy.

2.) Live Person Yoga Classes and Yoga Retreats. Workshops. All of it.

3.) Traveling again.

4.) Concerts. I cannot wait to attend a crowded concert.

5.) Dining Indoors. While I love a good patio with a decent heat lamp, I look forward to dining inside, enjoying the ambiance of my favorite restaurants.

6.) NYC- Out of all the places I have travelled to and have missed this year, NY is at the top of the list. I want a springtime shopping spree in Soho. And I will definitely ride the subway.

7.) Long plane rides. I have not even been on a plane this year. Those extra long flights usually sound awful but now I am daydreaming of long distance getaways. How about the Maldives?

8.) I remember the days of being at a crowded bar with my bestie, taking bets on who gets served first. I miss that. And being shoulder to shoulder with my bestie.

9.) Family time. As an auntie, I miss jumping on the trampoline with my nieces and nephews and taking them out to restaurants, the beach etc. I look forward to that quality time with them again.

10.) Amusement parks. I never thought I would see the day when I would want to be at Disney World, but here it is. All this time away from crowds makes me want to visit the happiest place on earth.

11.) Fancy hotels are so fun to eat at, lounge in and do overnights in. I miss the opulence of a nice hotel.

12.) Travelling with my boyfriend. I have been daydreaming of my next trip, and I definitely want to it be somewhere warm.

13.) Using my southwest app again. It just sits on my phone, abandoned.

14.) Going to the movies. I love the fancy ones, with the recliner seats and the adult drinks and popcorn and…

15.) Chatting with the bartender. Being on the patio when I am dining out, I miss the best part of the bar, the knowledgable bartender. I look forward to being a barfly once again.

16.) Petting every dog I see. Because of Social Distancing, I have been refraining from greeting every dog I see with a handshake and a hug. I miss that!

17.) Girl get togethers. When this is all done, I want a girl trip! Share rooms? Sure! I will even let my bestie borrow my clothes.

18.) Las Vegas. The lights, the lounges, the La in Vegas, I miss it, and I want it!

19.) Spa time. Spa time is the best time. And I look forward to some spa lounge time when this is all over. Body treatments, especially!

20.) Volunteering. Animal Sanctuaries, Surfrider Foundation, Animal Rescue, I miss my volunteer time.

21.) Having things to look forward to is what brings us excitement and keeps us from just talking about the negative things. I look forward to planning trips again and spending time with loved ones.

Cheers to Optimism and 2021! Stay Safe, Everyone.