47 Stereotypes Black Women Are Tired Of Hearing

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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on Dec 2016 by one of our staff writers. Read them all. Let us all rethink the way we think. And let us all listen. Donate to the Black Lives Matter Movement directly here.


As a black woman, I am offended by all of the statements below, all of which have been said to me or someone I know.


1. We are always louder than everyone else.


2. We can’t control our tempers.


3. We’re ignorant.


4. If our hair is real, it’s damaged and short.


5. Our natural hair is disgusting, dirty, and unprofessional.


6. Black women with natural hair are automatically unattractive.


7. We were raised by single moms.


8. We don’t know our fathers.


9. We’re easier to get naked than white women.
*This is not saying either or is easier


10. We’re more fertile than any other race.


11. Most of us will grow up to be single parents.


12. Most men don’t want us.


13. We all have big butts.


14. All of us can cook amazing meals.


15. We’re full of curves.


16. There are few exceptions, but most of us will always be poor.


17. We’re better at doing hair than any other job.


18. The only thing we can do better than hair is gossip.


19. We shouldn’t go out in large crows because we always want to fight.


20. We’re more emotional than any other group of women.


21. We all love Beyonce.


22. We may grow up in church, but there’s nothing holy about us.


23. If we wear weave, there’s a 99% chance we’re ‘ratchet’ especially if it’s an abnormally long.


24. Our braids are never clean.


25. We’re bad at raising kids.


26. Not many of us make it past high school, if we can make it that far.


27. We aren’t very smart.


28. The only reason most of us get into college is due to the Affirmative Action law.


29. We’re jealous of white women.


30. We don’t know how to love ourselves.


31. If we somehow get a man, we don’t know how to keep him happy.


32. Our men would rather date other races than us.


33. The only men we know how to be with are thugs.


34. We’re unstable.


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