Vote Because Democracy Is A Moving Target: Rest In Power John Lewis

Tonight we have been sadden by the news of the passing of an American legend. A man who fought his entire life for justice and equality. A man who was more optimistic than most, even with all the hate he had seen in his lifetime. A congressman who so loved the country that he stood up for what was right until the day he died. Congressman and civil rights activist, John Lewis.  

Many have asked me what drives my fight to make this country a better place for everyone and why they should vote when their vote does not matte. Why should you keep fighting? You should keep fighting because we can be the best country out there. We can be the example that the leaders that we have looked to for so long have fought so hard for. Unfortunately, the American giants, that have fought so hard for this country to be amazing for all of us and the generations to come, they will never see their work come to pass in person. However, it is our duty to keep the fight going. It is our duty to elect officials who are worthy to be in the seats that these men and women who have fought so hard for us to have the life that we imagine. We owe it to them to find people who have the same vigor for the fight that means so much to this country. 

These issues clearly matter to us as a country. We are in the streets protesting about the same things. So why not take that same vigor to the ballot boxes?  Storm the voting booths the same way that we have stormed the streets. Show the world that we are not going to take this anymore. And that we are going to keep fighting because equality, love, compassion, and justice, they really do matter. You matter. So go vote because you matter. The people that you love matter, and this country matters. 

We have seen so many historical losses in a such short amount of time. We have lost someone that contained the fight up until the day he died. So let’s keep fighting. And let’s show those who are now in the best seats, who a cheering us on that all of their work is not for nothing. That we are going to keep fighting for our country, for our children, and for our grandchildren and the many generations beyond that. Lets leave their legacy intact. Let’s all do what we can. 

The fight doesnt have to stop at the ballot box. Run for something in your city and make real change. Keep the history of what these historical heroes fought for alive. Teach your children what the fight was about so that we can make sure things like this would never happen again and that we will not keep having to learn lessons the hard way. Help someone register to vote. If you are planning on voting already, talk to your friends about the importance in voting as well. Fight for what you believe in. Go out and protest peacefully. March in the streets. Make sure that people know that the injustices that we see in this world are not fair and we will not tolerate them. 

Lets let the American giants who have kept the fight up for America until the day they died rest in power while we continue and win the fight! That is why you should vote in this election and every election to come. 

RIP John Lewis and all of America’s heroes.