Why You Should Embrace Veganuary This Month

Are you considering becoming a vegan? Even if you are not planning to become a full vegan this year, embracing plant based meals can have many health and environmental benefits. Here are eight solid reasons to embrace #veganuary.

1.) Compassion for animals.

What gives us the right to decide which species are more important? We share this planet with grass puppies (cows) and puppies (doggos) if you have ever seen a cow play with a ball, you would think it was a large grass puppy. All animals should be treated as sentient beings with a purpose on this planet.


2.)  Veganism is better for humans too.

Animal agriculture and jobs in slaughterhouses and dairy farms are ranked high on the list of dangerous jobs, as they usually lax in safety and health standards.


3.) Put your health first.

The facts are, if you want to lose weight, reduce inflammation in your body and find heart health, cutting animal protein and foods out of your diet is the solution. Fruits and Vegetables, lean beans, nuts, herbs and spices along with meat alternatives will provide nutrition, flavor and can increase your life span.


4.) The Planet Needs You

What is the difference between a beyond burger and a hamburger? Well one huge difference, one is derived from pea protein while the other has to be fed, raised and watered before winding up in your store shelves. This strains our already drained land, water and air resources. That, coupled with deforestation, are two very strong reasons to embrace a plant based diet. A plant based diet reduces the amount of land use, not to mention the amount of hormones and pesticides injected and consumed by animals while they are being raised.


5.) Better Sleep

Most nutritional sleep aides are actually vegan products. Find better sleep by having vegan snacks and embracing teas and almonds. A banana or a kiwi is a sleep easy snack. You will get extra zzz’s without harming the planet or harming sweet animals.

“Sleep enhancing brain chemicals such as serotonin, tryptophan, and melatonin are found in many vegan foods,”


6.) Better Performance

If you were to look at your body in terms of efficiencies, where would you say you are at on a scale of one to ten? Studies show that vegan athletes outperform their meat eating competitors, by having higher endurance and an increase in strength.  If you want to see it for yourself? Check out the Game Changers Movie and see just how potent a produce based diet can be for your overall wellbeing.


7.) Your Skin Will Glow

Getting better skin usually requires hydration. How many times have you been told to drink more water? And your friends that do, have quite the glow, don’t they? Fruits and vegetables are hydrating and nutrient rich as well as loaded with antioxidants. That is why vegan celebrities shine, both onscreen and off.


8.) It Is Easy To Go Plant Based

Being vegan these days is a fairly easy to do. In addition to food programs that offer vegan meals delivered, you can find vegan recipes on social media and most restaurants offer vegan items on their menus. The world is going plant-based. There are vegan clothing companies, and vegan and cruelty free makeup and beauty products.

So embrace the plant based diet, and embrace the vegan movement. To read more on Veganuary check out their site.

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