40 Genius Ways to Wear Your Favorite Denim Shirt

Deemed a classic for its neutral hue and luxurious softness, the chambray denim shirt can be worn with just about anything. Here are some suggestions to pair it with…

  1. Leopard print ballet flats and a black skirt.

  2. A navy blue cardigan and pearls.

  3. A little black dress, with the shirt tied around your waist.

  4. A lace camisole peeking out.

  5. A Breton shirt and a red belt.

  6. A huge scarf wrapped around you, with your hair tucked into the collar.

  7. White jeans and navy blue Converse.

  8. Buttoned to the top with a sea foam green necklace at the collar.

  9. Sleeves rolled up and scores of bracelets dangling from both wrists.

  10. Untucked with skinny black pants and stiletto heels.

  11. Under a black leather jacket and paired with a demure skirt.

  12. Leggings and boots.

  13. Peeking out under a sweatshirt with jeans and red heels.

  14. Dressed all in black, tie the sleeves around your shoulders.

  15. A trench coat with the sleeves rolled up on both.

  16. Navy polka dotted skirt and tons of pearls.

  17. Long black midi skirt, tucked at the waist with a green belt.

  18. Over a black tank dress with the shirttails tied into a knot.

  19. A black tunic with leggings and lots of long silver necklaces.

  20. Boyfriend jeans rolled up and high leather booties.

  21. A black maxi skirt with gladiator sandals and lots of gold bracelets.

  22. A short mini skirt with patterned tights and riding boots.

  23. A red sweater, black trousers and a leopard print bag.

  24. Panama hat and denim shorts.

  25. White eyelet dress with the shirt left opened.

  26. Gray flannel skirt, buttoned to the neck with a statement brooch at the top.

  27. A black blazer with a red skirt.

  28. Black silk pajama bottoms and ballet flats.

  29. A military jacket and leggings.

  30. Black velvet skirt and smoking slippers.

  31. Belted with an oversize belt and a skirt.

  32. Rain boots with a corduroy skirt.

  33. A floral knee length skirt and black heels.

  34. Over a sequined tank.

  35. Under a cashmere sweater and pearls.

  36. A striped scarf and polka dotted cigarette pants.

  37. Under a striped dress.

  38. Black culottes, patent leather stilettoes and lots of beaded necklaces.

  39. Navy blazer and white shorts.

  40. Plaid skirt and boots.