How To Improve The Conversion Rate Of Your E-Commerce Website

When you’re driving a good amount of traffic to your e-commerce website, whether it’s from brand awareness, SEO, social or anything else, it’s important that you make the most of it by focusing on your conversion rate. When the traffic coming to your website is qualified, it can really transform your business when you put some effort into turning them into customers. So, we’re here with a few simple ways you can make that happen for your e-commerce website and should be a consideration for your ecommerce strategies!

Reduce Clicks To Cart

The first thing you should do is to focus on reducing clicks to cart. The more clicks that a user has to go through to go through a collection page, to choose their item and then get to the checkout, the more time they have to consider the purchase and end up leaving the website. So, if a user lands on the homepage, they should easily be able to navigate to the mega menu and then click through to the category page, scroll and click on a product they’re interested in, add to cart, continue scrolling, perhaps add another product to cart, and then go straight to checkout with various options (that we’ll get on to). With too many different paths or options, a user will get overwhelmed and bounce, so streamline your clicks from the homepage through to the cart to improve your conversion rate.

Provide “You May Also Like” Alternatives

Another good way to improve the conversion rate of your website is to provide “You May Also Like” options on your product pages. If a user gets through to the product page, they’re likely to be interested in the brand, however if that product isn’t quite what they’re looking for, then they could easily bounce off the website. So, you should provide a carousel on the page of “You May Also Like” products that are relatively similar with some variety, to show a wider product offering and to keep the user engaged on the website. For a fashion website, this might be a range of similar mini dresses in a few different colours, or on a construction website, displaying electric chainsaws alongside petrol ones for different options. This small feature could really improve the conversion rate on your website so is definitely worth implementing.

Focus On Payment Methods

Something else that should be a significant focus for your e-commerce website is to offer a wide range of payment methods. If a user gets to checkout and they don’t have their preferred payment method available, this can be enough for them to leave, even if they really like the product. This is particularly the case if the only option is to enter bank details and you’re not registered with any legitimate payment methods. So, you need to have a wide range of payment methods available, including ClearPay, Klarna, PayPal and Apple Pay. This way, you have no barriers to prevent someone from completing the purchase!

Send Abandoned Cart Emails

Lastly, you should send abandoned cart emails, as this quick prompt could be what they need to commit to the purchase. People get distracted for all kinds of reasons when they do really want the item, so the email can be what they need! You could also send a discount code over as well to help push them to make the purchase.

About The Author

Daisy Moss is a freelance writer specializing in vintage jewelry. When she isn’t writing you will probably find her looking for her next investment in Hatton Garden.