11 People Who Totally Got Busted Cheating In 2018

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Cheaters can only get away with their duplicitous behavior for so long; it always catches up to them. Google “cheaters always get caught” and check out the number of quotes attesting to this fact. And it’s becoming more and more true with each passing day. Technology has made it nearly impossible to be unfaithful in a relationship.

In fact, the most insane public cheating stories of the year were all made possible because of technology. As author Arthur C. Clarke once said, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is equivalent to magic.” I’d call getting out of a toxic relationship with a lying, cheating partner as quickly as possible pretty magical, wouldn’t you?

1. The viral tweet:

Over the summer, Twitter user @alexxiisj was standing in line at a taco stand when she overheard a guy bragging to his friend about how he was cheating on his girlfriend, a Dallas nursing student named Hannah.

The tweet quickly went viral and, against all odds, the correct Hannah caught wind of what happened and did what needed to be done.

2. The Jimmy John’s delivery guy:

23-year-old Kayla Speer of West Burlington, Iowa, found out her boyfriend was cheating on her after she ordered him a Jimmy John’s sandwich.

She let the delivery driver know that she wouldn’t be present, as she lived three hours away, and asked whether it was alright for her boyfriend to sign for the sandwich himself.

Though he didn’t initially respond when she let him know about the delivery, her boyfriend eventually responded by thanking her. Nothing out of the ordinary…until the Jimmy John’s delivery driver called Kayla.

The driver answered some questions that confirmed the man in question was indeed Kayla’s boyfriend. “[The driver] was like, ‘Honestly, it was so awkward I just wanted to get out of there, so I just gave him the sandwich and left,” she said.

Alls well that ends well, though. Jimmy John’s reached out to Kayla after her tweet went viral and offered to cater a “breakup party.”

3. The Instagram picture:

Yulia Agranovych found out her husband was cheating on her after seeing the view from her own bedroom window on a random woman’s Instagram. Scrolling further down the woman’s Instagram, she found a selfie the woman had taken with Yulia’s husband Nazar Grynko captioned “Beautiful view from my husband’s bedroom.”

There were a ton of pictures of the two together on the woman’s Instagram page, but Nazar denied everything. He eventually admitted that he had been cheating, though maintained he’d never been “mentally unfaithful” because he had “told every girl he was married” (yes, there was more than one).

On the bright side, Yulia’s story inspired many others to leave their scumbag partners. “Many women supported me, posting that they were proud of my bravery, that I openly discussed it with irony and sarcasm, so now they are ready to get rid of their unfaithful men too,” she said.

And as for Vlada Abramovich, the woman Nazar had been cheating on Yulia with? She was utterly unapologetic, writing “She is his wife, not mine, what’s the problem? Is he just a vegetable without free will? Don’t make me laugh.” She’s got a point.

5. The Google Street View capture:

A man caught his wife cheating while navigating the street view function on Google Maps. According to Australian outlet, he was using the app to check out vacation destinations in Peru when he spotted a woman wearing an eerily familiar outfit.

Scrolling through the Bridge of Sighs in Barranco, Peru, he saw the woman sitting on a bench, stroking a man’s hair as he reclines in her lap. Despite both their faces being blurred—as is customary when Google street view captures a person—he recognized his wife’s clothes and physical characteristics immediately.

Peruvian newspaper, La Cronica, reported that the wife admitted to cheating, and the couple recently divorced.

6. The suitcase:

A woman named Jackie got caught cheating through a series of sexy texts. Jackie went on a business trip to Atlanta. Alone, or so her boyfriend thought. When she got to her hotel room, she sent her boyfriend a sext to show him just how much she missed him.

Everything seemed to be going fine until Jackie’s boyfriend spotted an unfamiliar striped suitcase in the corner of her sext.

When she realized her mistake, Jackie sent a more naked photo, which she captioned “LOL.”

Jackie gave her boyfriend her hotel room number as evidence. But instead of asking the hotel concierge to connect him to room 1422, Jackie’s boyfriend asked what room she was staying in. When her name didn’t come up, he instead asked for her boss, Tom.

Serves Jackie right for sending her boyfriend nudes while cheating on him with her boss in a different city.

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