7 Super Cool Activities That You Can Do On Your Trip to Corolla, NC

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Are you planning a trip to Corolla?


It’s one of the finest places to be at when in NC. But to make the most out of your trip, you need to know what all you can do here.


Here are seven of our favorites:

1. Outer Banks Massage Therapy


The Corolla region of the Outer Banks has some of the finest massage and spa centers in NC.


And if you want the specialty, the Outer Banks Massage Therapy center is located in the Timbuck II shopping center, Corolla. This place will offer you an unmatched massage experience in a relaxing atmosphere.


Their therapists are certified with years of experience.


If you want to enjoy a rejuvenating massage therapy in Corolla, this is the place to stop by.

2. Corolla Beer and Wine Garden


Are you visiting Corolla with your friends or your partner? Do you enjoy trying out different beers and wines?


The Corolla Beer and Wine Garden is a cool place where you can stop and treat yourself with a wide range of craft beers and wines.


The place offers over 60 variants. So, surely, there’s something for everyone.

3. Duck Donuts

Anyone who likes donuts and is traveling to Corolla must give themselves a sweet treat at Duck Donuts.


Perfectly warm, soft, sweet, and made to order, these donuts melt in the mouth like anything. Plus, despite having a variety of donuts to choose from, its menu isn’t limited to donuts.


From ice cream to coffee and sandwiches, Duck Donuts

serves its customers whatever they want through hundreds of stores across the country.

4. Hummer Adventure Tours

Some areas located in Corolla are not accessible unless you ride on a 4X4 vehicle.


On a Hummer Adventure Tour, you will get to see the wild horses of the Outer Banks, several beaches, sand dunes, and forest trails.


Also, note that you may not generally find wild horses in Corolla. The development of off-road trails has pushed them away to remote locations of the Outer Banks.


That’s also how a Hummer Adventure Tour in Corolla will add to your luck.

5. Stay in a Luxurious Vacation Rental

Accommodation is a major concern for any group that’s going out for a trip.


If you truly want to have a memorable trip, you should consider staying in one of the luxurious vacation rentals in Corolla.


These accommodation options are way different than hotels. With spacious rooms, common halls, kitchen, and beautiful views into the limitless sea, vacation homes make the cut to be your preference.


Plus, while traveling with a group of friends or relatives, the overall expenses are also reduced.

6. Relax On The Carova Beach

For anyone who loves beaches and solitude, Carova is the best spot.


As you can only reach here in a 4X4 vehicle, it stays out of reach for many tourists. This keeps it free from crowds, and so, here you can experience the serenity of the sea.


At most hours, it’s calm enough for you to clearly hear the music from the waves. Also, if you missed wild horses on your Hummer Adventure Tour, you can find them here too.


Carova is a 4WD beach with a super long coastline. Luckily, you can explore it in the 4X4 that you used to reach here.

7. Waterfront Dining

Whether it’s a romantic date with your lover or a fun-packed outing with your best friends, waterfront dining is an experience that you will never forget.


Corolla and the Duck regions of the Outer Banks have plenty of attractive waterfront restaurants that you can eat at.


The following list will make selection a little easier for you:


  • The Oceanfront Grille

  • North Banks Restaurant & Raw Bar

  • Upside Restaurant

  • Sundogs Raw Bar & Grill

  • Fatcrabs Rib Company & Seafood Shack

  • Uncle Ike’s Sandbar & Grill


Corolla is a top attraction for tourists traveling to the Outer Banks. If you want to spend more quality time at this place, the places mentioned in this list can help you have a memorable experience.

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