A Solo Female’s Guide To Comfortable Travel

You want to throw a dart at the map and fly to wherever free-spirited vibes and the magical feeling of immersing somewhere new intertwine with safety and comfortability. Nothing lowers that unexplainable high of exploring villages, cities, and landscapes different from your own than developing anxiety on whether you’re safe or not. It can be challenging for females traveling solo to feel 100% comfortable when they’re abroad, whether they are staying at a hostel or a fancy hotel or walking a crowded or empty street. There’s usually a lingering fear (even if it’s something we deny). Don’t get us wrong, though; most solo female travelers return home unscathed. Still, it can be annoying denoting half of your mind space to combat fear and anxiety related to comfortability. 

Let’s take a look at some safer travel options for female travelers!

What are some safe options for solo female travelers?

One way solo women can travel safely? Once you confirm that your Covid-19 test is clear using visby medical then you can finally take a pre-planned adventure tour or a guided wellness retreat! These two options give you a chance to bask in new cultures, explore remarkable landscapes under the trusted guidance of a local, and meet other travelers in a relaxing environment. They may not be as authentic as exploring the world on your own, but guided retreats and tours are great options for first-time solo female travelers. 


One of the best things about guided tours is that you don’t need to do any planning (except book your flights)! Therefore, if you’re planning to escape abroad long-term but don’t know where to start, you can start things off with a guided tour to help you get to know the country, how transportation works, where to go, and where to avoid before venturing off on your own.


Benefits of guided wellness retreats for females

A guided wellness retreat is a fantastic option for anyone looking to escape the stress of everyday life back home and relax in a new setting! Wellness retreats typically include yoga, meditation in a serene environment. Some will consist of introducing you to the cultural wonders of whatever country you’re in—it all depends on what type of retreat or tour you choose! 


If you’re looking to break free from deadlines and the hustle and bustle of everyday life and go to a safe place that will keep you in one or two locations, introduce you to relaxation techniques and like-minded individuals, wellness retreats are a great option. Who wants to spend half their time worrying about your wellbeing when the purpose of your trip was to ease stress and worry? 


Benefits of pre-planned adventure tours for females

Want to tap into your adventurous side and explore seascapes and trails carved throughout mountain slopes without thinking about whether you’re going to get lost? Several pre-planned adventure tours take you deep into the wild, culture, history of your desired destination under the leadership of a trusted local guide. Revel in untouched views stretching into the horizon, salty coastlines, rolling countrysides by foot, vehicle, canoe, kayak, bike, snorkels, etc. 


The beauty of guided adventure tours is that you can choose a location and activity that caters to whatever you’re in the mood for, whether that’s a more rugged backcountry excursion or a lighthearted introduction to culture. And the entire time, you won’t have to stress about making a wrong turn or spending a night in a dodgy town. 


Traveling solo is an exhilarating feeling, but if you want to step onto a platform before flying into the backpacking world, guided tours are a safe launching point!

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