Best Travel Purses that you need to carry for a happy journey

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Traveling is not just about booking tickets and reserving high-class accommodations. Even the smallest of things like an accessory kit, a shower kit, attire that you carry everything has to be taken into consideration. The essential thing that every traveler must pay attention to is the traveling purse. When you are traveling to places unknown, it is mandatory to carry a purse that keeps your money and precious items safe. There are a lot of travel purses available these days.

Here is a list of our top 10 purses we think every traveler should own.

When you are investing in a travel purse, there are a few important features that you must look at

  • Anti-theft
  • Waterproof
  • Premium quality material
  • Budget-friendly
  • Light-weight

Top travel purses

To learn more about the best travel purses out there you can browse Here in this article we are adding a few more of them.

  • Calpak Travel wallet

All the travel enthusiast ladies that are interested in flaunting their chic side even on the roads, the Calpak travel wallet is for you. This is one of the most versatile travel purses out there. Made of faux leather, this bag can be worn on one side or cross-body too. The wallet is compact and comes with the latest RFID technology, which will help you to stay carefree while traveling.

  • Lululemon All Night Festival Bag

For people who do not like to travel heavy, the Lululemon All night Festival Bag is one of the best choices to invest in. This back is totally lightweight, and the multiple compartment options help the user to keep their small and precious items in an organized manner. Although the bag is made of fabric, it is water-resistant as well. So, you can carry this bag inside a lake or a pool without any fear.

  • Everlane Tote Bag

For people who want to look simple yet, sophisticated, the Everlane Tote bag is the perfect bag to carry while traveling. The pockets of this Tote bag are what attracts customers.  You can easily carry your water bottle in these pockets as they are pretty commodious. Everything that a lady wishes to carry during travel can be easily stored in this bag. For those who are fond of leather, this bag is made of Italian leather, and that is the cherry on top.

  • Fjallraven, Kanken Mini Classic Backpack

Whether you are traveling locally or internationally, the Fjallraven, Kanken Mini Classic Backpack, will become your all-time favorite travel companion. The bag looks classy and also has some amazing storage options.  Cleaning these bags won’t take more than a couple of minutes as the material used is Vinyl. This dirt-resistant and water-resistant bag is one of the best choices to consider for travel purses.

  • Best Fanny Pack: Dagne Dover Ace Fanny Pack

The Fanny packs are one of the most commonly used travel purses irrespective of the genders. These purses are made exclusively for the safety of your money. These travel purses remain closer to your bodies, and the zippers are pretty strong. You can easily keep all the money in this travel purse and roam around without the fear of being robbed. The secret compartment to keep your valuables is one of the best features of this Fanny Pack.

  • ZYSUN 15.6 Ladies Briefcase / Business Travel Purse with Padded Laptop Compartment

If you are traveling somewhere with your laptop then, the Zysun purses are the best ones to invest in. Their spacious compartments help you to keep your laptops safe. Although this is a business travel purse, the look is classy. This purse can easily accommodate a couple of your business attire outfits as well. So, buying this multi-purpose travel business purse can be a great idea if you want to save some good money.

  • Satcehlli Shoulder Purse

For travelers that are comfortable hanging their purses over their shoulder, the Satcehlli shoulder purse can fit the bills quickly. These purses may are more sturdy and functional instead of being very stylish or fashionable. And this basic travel purse would be a great choice for those who focus more on quality and design. This purse can easily accommodate all of those travel essentials as it is quite spacious.

  • Pacsafe Stylesafe Anti-Theft Tote

This is one of the best bags to have for those who want a touch of fashion in everything they own. The Pacsafe Stylesafe is one of the popular bags amongst the travelers because of its anti-theft features. This purse boasts of high-quality polyester material, which is highly durable. The latest anti-theft technology used in the purse is another appealing factor as to why a lot of travelers invest in them. The tote shape provides a lot of space to store all the basic travel accessories for the user, and it also has a crossbody strap that can be easily detached. The RFID protection acts as a barrier that makes it hard for thieves to steal data from your credit cards.

  • Baggallini Everywhere Lightweight Crossbody Bag

Lightweight travel purses can make you feel comfortable when you are traversing from one place to another. Lesser the luggage, better the travel experience! The Baggallini cross body bags are perfect for you to carry while you are traveling because this is one of the most reputed brands that has produced some of the coolest travel purses so far. The specifically designed pockets make it easy for you to store all your essentials in one place. The nylon material is durable and water resistant and can resist heavy downpours, keeping all your belongings safe and dry.

  • OGIO Women’s Brooklyn Tablet Purse

This is yet another purse that must be added to your collection of travel purses. One of the best designs that are made to fit the requirement of all tablet owners. The back wall zipper and the multi-function pockets on the inside give you enough space to store all your valuables.

Well, these are the top 10 best travel purses that every traveler must consider investing in. Having bags like these would help you to have a safe journey as you do not have to constantly keep guarding the money or the cards that you are carrying.

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