Couples Road Trip Guide


Spending time together as a couple can already make for some lovely romantic moments but going on a vacation together will definitely entail some life-long memories. More and more couples these days opt for the adventure of a road trip as they can adjust the itinerary however they see fit. Of course, in order for this couple’s road trip to be fun and romantic, it’s crucial that the lovebirds plan and prepare for the ride properly. Take note of the following tips if you’re interested in having a blast for your next road trip as a couple.


Snack Up for the Road

Regardless of your itinerary and planned stops, chances are you’ll get hungry during the ride or you’d maybe even have to make an unplanned stop due to unforeseen reasons. This is why you should never solely rely on the meals you’d have in your accommodation. That said, stock up your trunk with your favorite snacks. Focus on non-perishables as you don’t want to deal with a bad smell in your car. Obviously, together with snacks, make sure to have enough water for the road.


Have Fun as You Drive

No couple is perfect. But you don’t want the negative thoughts and relatively small issues to creep in and make a mess out of your road trip. That said, if you have fun constantly, you won’t have the time to argue or think about pointless things that can cloud this entire experience. Therefore, it would be ideal to prepare some road trip games that the two of you could play as well as fill your phones with podcasts and audiobooks that you can listen to during the drive. It’s important to talk to each other and not have one person stare into their phone while the other is driving. And even if you’re not talking per se, listening to the same podcast or story that you can later comment on together is still a more “coupley” thing to do than phone scrolling.


Plan out Your Activities

It’s great to have some unplanned fun and stumble across entertaining opportunities, but you can’t rely on chance when it comes to the actual activities and pastimes the two of you can share and engage in. This is why it’s crucial that you carefully check out the options you have for each stop you wish to make throughout the itinerary. Different hotels, resorts, camp spots, and so on, all have their own set of tourist and interesting activities to make the whole traveling experience more interesting and enjoyable.


For instance, if your road trip takes you all the way to the Valley of the Sun, you absolutely have to try out playing golf. Fortunately, Scottsdale golf resorts have a range of different packages to accommodate all your needs and skill levels when it comes to this game. Hunting packages and resorts like these for your road trip itinerary are the key to successful planning. Not only do they tend to be relatively affordable, but it’s also possible to get a customized package, accommodation, additional sightseeing and activities, car rentals, and so on.


Prepare Your Vehicle for the Trip

Excitement about the road trip will have you plan your stops, overall itinerary, activities, things to bring, and games to play, and it can be easy to forget about the essential – car maintenance. However, this is your main means of transport when it comes to the road trip and it’s paramount that you ensure your vehicle is perfectly functional and in great working order. Make sure that your tank is full and check up on gas stops along the way. Secure the tires and address the oil as these details can make or break the enjoyment of your entire trip. Furthermore, keep all the important documentation, including car insurance, close by.


A couple’s road trip can be a great way to strengthen your relationship and deepen the bonds between the two of you. But, if you’re worried about being just the two of you for way too long, you can always make a deal with your close friends to have them join you after a while or even pick up a hitchhiker just for the fun of it. After all, just because you’re going on a trip as a couple doesn’t mean you can’t make friends as a couple!


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