Digital Nomading Lifestyle: How to Make It a Reality

Location independence, flexible hours, and non-stop travel inspiration – seriously, what’s not to love about digital nomading lifestyle? As with all changes, switching to such a lifestyle is a big step. If you’re ready for a change, these four tips will help you in the process.


Decide if this is the right lifestyle for you


There is no one way to truly define digital nomadism. For some, this lifestyle is about moving from one place to another multiple times a year – this is what’s called full digital nomadism. For others, it may involve migrating to warmer regions during the cold winter months (commonly referred to as “snowbirding”). Then there are those remote workers who’ll get situated in one place and allow themselves enough time to explore a certain place before moving somewhere else (also known as slo-madism).

The route you decide to take as a digital nomad is completely up to you – that’s the beauty of it. What’s important is that you make a conscious decision on whether such a lifestyle is right for you, more importantly, how you’re going to go about it.

Even if you do decide to live in one place for longer – whether it’s Australia, Canada, or some European country – you still have to consider the limitations and regulations concerning your stay in another country. Which leads us to our next tip…


Decide where you’re going to live

This is something that, once again, in a large degree depends on your approach to a nomadic lifestyle. Adjusting to new time zones, packing your bags every couple of days, and living out of a suitcase may work for some, but for others, not so much. This is why it’s important that you consider every aspect of this lifestyle, make sure you’re comfortable with it, and make your decisions based on that.

For instance, if you’re a US citizen who’s now working remotely but cannot travel abroad due to the COVID-19 restrictions, one way to still explore new places is to travel locally. For some, this could mean exploring the cities of Texas by booking a long-term stay at one of the cozy Brownsville apartments and taking the time to experience everything this amazing city has to offer. For others, this could mean staying in one city for a couple of days and then moving on to the next one.

Then again, if your post-pandemic moving plan involves moving to a place with reasonable cost of living and great weather, you might want to consider exploring places such as Lisbon, Thailand, and Playa del Carmen, which are considered digital nomad hotspots.


Figure out your finances

Digital nomadism is a big step, and a big part of making sure you’re ready for this step is figuring out your finances. This is a tricky part for many people who choose this type of lifestyle, mainly because of the number of expenses that they need to manage every month. From Airbnb and food delivery to baggage allowances and plane tickets, there’s a multitude of things to consider.

The good news? It’s only tricky at first. After a while, you get a sense of how much income you can expect each month and what’s a good way to plan your finances as a digital nomad. 

Different countries and cities will have different expenses and costs of living, so your safest bet would be to track your spending and income, and create monthly budgets you can stick to. When in doubt, head online and use tools such as Nomad List to gain insight into the cost of living in every city.


Set a schedule for yourself

Digital nomadism can be a great way to escape the regular nine-to-five and travel the world while earning an income every month. The thing is, it can be difficult for remote workers to stay on track and meet deadlines every time. 

You’re the one in charge of getting yourself to get up on time, work, and keep your motivation and productivity levels up, and this can be difficult at times, especially if you’re new to working remotely.

What you want to do is to set a schedule for yourself. Aim to create a sense of routine by working at the same place every day, whether that’s a co-working space, your accommodation, or a coffee shop. Building a routine is key to succeeding as a digital nomad, and it will help you manage your time better while allowing you to deal with distractions more easily while on the go.


Wrapping up

With a number of benefits it offers, it’s no wonder nomadic lifestyle is gaining in popularity so rapidly. Adjusting to it may take a while, but if you stick with the tips above, you’ll ensure a much smoother transition.

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