Disney’s Top Dining Guide – Best Food at Disneyland Resort

Disneyland has more than its fair share of restaurants, food trucks, fast food joints, and casual dining lounges. So you’ll never go hungry during a trip to this renowned amusement park, whether you’re looking for high-end cuisine or simpler snacks.

Working out which of the many venues to visit on your dining odyssey can be tough, but with our list of the best eateries, you’ll find it a breeze.

Catal Restaurant

Bringing a healthy dose of Mediterranean flare to bear on the Downtown Disney District, Catal Restaurant is a good blend of classiness and everyday charm.

It falls under the resort’s signature dining category of venues, so you can be confident that the quality on offer here is top-notch. And of course, the carefully crafted ambiance, complete with alfresco dining options, is a joy to experience whether for brunch or dinner.

Napa Rose

For couples visiting Disneyland who want to experience a romantic dinner date, Napa Rose is the restaurant where you simply have to secure a reservation at.

The aim here is very much to showcase the best in modern Californian food, which of course means that the wines are wonderful, the flavors are fresh, and the pricing is at the upper end of the spectrum.

Plaza Inn

For a family-focused food experience, Plaza Inn is the place to be. And if you book for breakfast, you’ll be able to participate in the character dining experience, where many of your favorite Disney characters will entertain you as you eat.

The food itself is thoroughly American, and the serving style is a buffet, so healthy options aren’t that easy to come by. That said, what is on offer is prepared to perfection and comforting.

French Market Restaurant

A foodie’s paradise at Disneyland that doesn’t break the bank, the French Market is all about Cajun cuisine and is ideal for trips that take place in the warmer months, because the outdoor seating area is always full of life and laughter.

The price really is a good selling point here, because you won’t have to spend over the odds to get filling, finely-made meals that will satisfy kids and adults alike.

Tortilla Jo’s

With a name like Tortilla Jo’s, you’d be right to assume that this restaurant is geared up to supply diners with delicious Mexican meals. In fact, the exterior is appropriately designed to resemble an authentic cantina, and it’s completely in keeping with the resort’s Californian setting.

Anyone who’s a fan of tacos, tortillas, burritos, and best of all tequila will be blown away by the array of options here. In fact, with more than 100 different tequila varieties stocked behind the bar, it’s a good drinking hole for adults who want to enjoy their evening at Disneyland.

Blue Bayou Restaurant

Few restaurants at Disneyland have been around as long as Blue Bayou. It dates back to the original opening of the resort in the late 1960s, and it continues to create authentic Louisiana-inspired dishes for diners to this day.

There’s an impressive amount of customization on offer as well, with kids in particular being given the chance to conjure up their preferred meals.

Final tips on dining at Disneyland

The last thing worth mentioning is that in the case that the restaurant you want to visit takes reservations, which is true of most of the venues mentioned above, you should definitely book a table ahead of time. Reservations are open 60 days in advance, and that way you won’t miss out on a slap-up meal that suits your tastes.