Five Hot Spring Resorts In The US For Your Next Mineral Rich Soak

There is nothing more relaxing than a vacation with water. And it doesn’t have to be on a beach or lakeside to bring out your inner calm. The healing power of water can relieve your stress in any environment. Whether it is a healing power of a warm shower or a mineral rich geo thermal soak in a hot spring, science has proven that being near or in water can lower blood pressure and calm the mind. Water can create a neurological response aptly called having a Blue Mind which is the opposite of a Red Mind,  (an agitated state of being). Studies have shown that even drinking water relieves stress, depression and anxiety.

One way to relieve stress using the power of water is to soak in a hot spring. Known for its medicinal healing abilities, inflammatory diseases and general aches and pains can all be alleviated with the healing waters of a Hot spring.  Here are five Hot Spring Resorts to check out in the U.S.

Castle Hot Springs- Arizona

If you are into the luxury experience then Castle Hot Springs is for you. Dating back over 13,000 years, (you heard me) and with more than 20,000 gallons of mineral-rich water flowing through the three pools. The pools at Castle Hot Springs range from approximately 86 to 106 degrees. Castle Hot Springs 1,100 acre desert haven boasts captivating sunsets, horseback riding, hiking, archery and breathtaking views of the Sonoran Desert. Hotel accommodation makes this a luxurious escape with sky view cabins, bungalows, private fire pits and outdoor tubs. All inclusive and a treat in luxury, Castle Hot Springs doesn’t come cheap. However, it is a must do bucket list item. Check out Castle Hot Springs.

The Spring Resort – California

Desert Hot Springs has a mid century motel, The Spring Resort which is a hideaway with a grotto, a natural spring pool and with over 170 degrees on output. Spa treatments, hot pools, desert grounds and kind hospitality make this hot spring resort a must do in the Palm Springs Desert area. Try the spring buff, spring water scrubbed Into your skin for a mineral infusion. Moderately priced, there are only a few rooms on the premises so plan to book yours way ahead of time. Get on their mailing list for specials, cleanses and spa packages. While there are kitchen nooks in some of the larger rooms there are no restaurant on the premises. Plan to hit Palm Springs for your nightlife and enjoy The Spring Resort water to soak, sip and escape in. Check out The Spring Resort.

Dunton Hot Springs- Dolores- Colorado

Ghost town turned rustic respite, Dunton Hot Springs was established in 1885. What was once a mine town, romantic Dunton Hot Springs has placed itself on the map in exclusive hot spring luxury. Located just across the mountain from Telluride, this alpine valley resort is nestled in the San Juan Mountains. They offer day and overnight packages. The restored ghost town provides a rustic backdrop with renewed and sustainable sensibilities. Enjoy a luxurious soak in the bathhouse with breathtaking views. Check out Dunton Hot Springs.

Ojo Caliente- New Mexico

Built in 1916, this secluded Northern New Mexico Hot Springs Resort is about sixty miles from Santa Fe, and 40 miles from Taos. Ojo Caliente is the oldest natural hot springs resort in the U.S. The original bathhouse opened in 1868 as the first of its kind. The unique mineral rich pools are built within the landscape. Elements such as iron, arsenic, (don’t let the name scare you), soda and lithia provide the most healing mineral waters in the most natural setting which can include a sunset to stargazing soak. All day access and private soaks are extremely reasonable in price. Overnight accommodations range from their historic pueblo style hotel to cottages, homes and trailers. During your stay, you can expect agricultural luxury, with farm fresh dining. This is the perfect hideaway to soak, spa and yoga. This Ojo location, (there is also another resort in Santa Fe) is finishing up their renovation, so expect a little noise while you are there. Check out Ojo Caliente.

Carson Hot Springs-WA

Sulpher rich mineral soaks and traditional bathhouses encourage the perfect forestry setting for a digital detox. Located at the Columbia River Gorge, Carson Hot Springs promotes a down to earth setting that avoids glitz and glamour. Accommodations are modest in price. For a little extra you can have a jacuzzi on your balcony, AHHH. In addition to some spa time and relaxing soak, you can golf, hike, and horseback ride. Check out Carson Hot Springs.

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