How To Be Sustainably Chic On Your Next Sunny Vacation

The winter months are in front of us. And climate change is causing blizzard warnings in Hawaii and very confused squirrels in the Midwest. So as the planet warms up and the pandemic fears begin so subside, all of us work from home folks are itching to get out and take a real beach vacation.

That said, if COVID-19 taught us anything, it is that we need to put our self care first, but in a planet friendly way. So in addition to going vegan in Veganuary, there are other ways to be sustainable and still get the vacation that you crave. Here are some ways to incorporate social responsibility with self care.

Getting There-Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Taking a road trip? Choosing to fly? There are many ways to travel to your desired destination. Look for opportunities to be part of a ride share program if you are a solo traveler or look for a carbon footprint reduction program such as Jet Blue for your transport. When at your destination, consider riding bikes, walking, hiking and continue to use ride share options wherever possible.

Look For Eco Tours And Sustainable Hotels

There are many hotels and eco packages that will serve both your self care desires and sustainability. An example is the Twelve Senses Retreat in Encinitas. Moreover, most hotels have programs that offer incentives to minimize rewashing sheets and towels during your stay. So look for opportunities during your visit to practice using less plastic and reducing personal waste.

Suit Up Sustainably

Swimsuits by Swiminista are made with the earth in mind while also being fashionably fitting for your vacay. So look for companies that considered the planet when designing your resort attire.

Shop For Resort Wear In Consignment And Second Hand Stores

If you cannot find what you need in your own closet, (look first) check out some second hand stores. They are some of the coolest places to find that original straw hat or bag. And that unique scarf that doubles as a sarong. Or look for eco friendly sunglasses that look luxe and oh so chic. You can find unique handbags, wallets and luggage in consignment and second hand stores and on a budget.

Earth Friendly Footwear

While we all know that heels and sand don’t mesh well, even flip flips can be bad for the planet. So opt for brands that offer recycle programs and are built with sustainability in mind such as Teva.

Reef Friendly Sunscreen

When you decide to go diving you have to consider coral and reef health. But it doesn’t just stop there. Any sunscreen that you wear ultimately goes back into the ocean, so look for “reef friendly” brands such as Mad Hippie.

Self Care Can Include Caring For The Earth Too

I know how tired we all are from the last few years. And I am certain that most of us could use a solid beach vacation. As I write this, I am working on a weekend — and overtime, so I feel you.

Seek out earth conscious ways to build that ultimate vacation that will empower you and provide you with the recharged batteries that you need while minimizing your carbon impact. Remember,  participating in tourism helps beach economies thrive. So pack light, bring your resuesable water bottle, travel sustainably, be mindful and chill… The planet and you, deserve it!