How To Travel Sustainably This Holiday Season

The Holidays are here. And it is a blend of anxiety and excitement as you prepare to take a break from the daily routine and partake in celebratory rituals. Break free from normal traditions and be your progressive plant based self with these vegan tips and trips for a sustainable, vegan holiday season.

Cruelty-Free Carry On

The hustle and bustle of airport travel can mean an increased carbon footprint. Avoid the usual pitfalls by carpooling to the airport booking direct flights and other carbon offsets.

Opt for Vegan luggage such as MOOV, their MOTION Formula Fashion incorporates clear pockets and layout to maximize visualization, enable quick and easy identification of your essentials, and make your travels more efficient.

Cook Holiday Meals With Plant-based Ingredients

The word of vegan cuisine has made astronomical strides over the last few years. Texture and taste incorporate the rainbow of vegetables rich in nutrition and flavor. Here are some classic recipes for a Thanksgiving dinner and a Christmas holiday party.

Skip The Shopping Spree

Marie Kondo taught us to how to organize our closets, and the Minimalist Traveler taught us how to pack for those weekend getaways and short trips. Pro tip: Pick simple lightweight items that look and feel good on your skin. For something extra special look at renting instead of buying.

Ride Share Instead Of Rent

Car Rentals are not only expensive, they create more carbon emissions than a rideshare service. So Uber, Lyft, and Shuttle your way around town. Why not have that long distance friend pick you up from the airport and treat them to a catch up meal afterwards? The holidays mean quality time with those we care about most. So grab your bestie and get in the carpool lane.

Prepare Your Wardrobe With Eco Options

Not all clothes need to be dry cleaned. (Don’t let the label fool you). Professional Wet Cleaning and Other alternatives are better for the planet and your pocketbook.

Pack Earth Friendly Beauty Supplies

Your makeup bag should be full of clean beauty skincare that has sustainable packaging and plant-powered ingredients. Avoid cleansing wipes as they contain irritants for the skin and are not biodegradable.

Plan Your Trip Efficiently

A quick trip to visit with family and friends can be a nightmare if not planned out, with you spending more time on the road instead of using that time wisely. Schedule a group of friends for a spa day or a round of mocktails at one of your old haunts or try out a new restaurant in town. Skip the gift guessing as well, and lug only your luggage on your holiday travels. Instead, treat your friends and family to what they really want this year, the presence of you.