Kalon Surf: Costa Rica’s Hidden Gem For Surf, Yoga And Culture


Costa Rica offers many a retreat, with its lush jungle settings, gorgeous beaches, and amazing sustainable eco-system, it is a one-stop of paradise fun for men, women, and family members alike.

Whether it is a yoga retreat, an exotic honeymoon, or a family vacation, Costa Rica has it all. One place that caters to the surf and mindful community is the Kalon Surf Resort, located in the Oso Peninsula, founded in 2011.

A budding romance sparked between owners Kjeld and Silene. Silene was working at a bank as a local loan officer when Kjeld Schigt came knocking and was looking to build his dream Surf retreat. The rest is romantic history and they now have two children and are building their life together around Kalon Surf Retreat.


Kalon Surf is a two-and-a-half-hour drive from the San Jose airport. Its elevation is four hundred meters above sea level.

Kalon is eleven years old. Founded in 2011. Kalon now has over eight different rooms with thirty employees and has grown to host over 18 guests on average a week. The minimum guest age is twelve years old. Rooms offer jungle views and an infinity pool, trails and an organic garden beckon you to enjoy your stay.

Vacation Packages

The offering is fairly straightforward, vacation packages are comprised of five days of surfing with one day off to relax.

  • Surf instruction for All Levels
  • Three Sessions Of Yoga
  • Massages are available in four spa rooms with jungle views.
  • The property offers a 180-degree view that showcases the night’s sea breeze.
  • There are hiking trails in the local rainforest, where you will see birds and other local animals.
  • Surf And Yoga Instruction

Local instruction from men and women Surf And Yoga instructors make this a unique retreat. With some of the best surf spots just a fifteen-minute drive away from the property The surf experience is the main offering, with yoga weaved in to assure that you are elongated and ready to ride the local waves. The surf instructors have over eight years of training. They know the local waves and can teach from beginner to advanced. Yoga classes are held on the yoga deck, with stunning jungle views.


The food is all farm-to-table, with vegan options. The chefs will curate a special menu upon request and manage any food restrictions that you may have.

In addition to their delicious local menu, there are local coffee tours that help tourists feel in touch with the local culture.

There are also local chef cooking demos and classes while you visit.

Kalon Is Charitable

They have spent the last eight years collecting school supplies and inviting guests to participate in the program. “We email guests to bring school supplies to donate to local schools- we take inventory of what we receive and then we double it”,  says Silene Vega Delgado, Owner and Founder, Kalon Surf.

In 2021 they started an initiative, donating as Kalon, forty-five gifts for Christmas, working with local churches and charities.

They supply the transportation to tournaments for local futbol clubs.

They also work on local initiatives, helping out with a local well to assure clean water in the downtown area by offering legal guidance.

When To Go

The best season to go is from December to April when it is warmer during the day.

If you decide to go from May to November, the water heats up in the rain, to about seventy-five degrees.


Kalon Surf offers an opportunity to not just visit Costa Rica, but to immerse yourself into the local culture and to contribute to local charities. So consider Kalon for your next surf adventure. I know I will. To book your next seven day package of surf, yoga and fun at Kalon click here.