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A girls’ trip to Berlin sounds like a great idea (once travel restrictions are lifted, of course)! There’s so much to do and see there. The city of Berlin is the capital of Germany, so it has a plethora of shopping, dining, partying, and relaxation opportunities for all. While we’re unable to travel, why not put together an itinerary so that you’re prepared when you’re able to head over there?

If you and the girls are into art, you can visit some of the fantastic art galleries in the city. Or if you like history, there are more than 50 museums, memorials, and palaces to check out. But don’t drag your bags along. Leave them for safekeeping at a suitcase storage locker in Berlin first.


  • Bikini Berlin

Bikini Berlin is a concept mall popular with everyone. They boast 55 shops from Address Art to WMF Kitchens. Whether you are looking for clothes, jewels, or souvenirs, you can find it all at BB. If you get hungry, they have 25 eateries and bars to enjoy while you are there from Beef Brothers to Yuzu Ramen.

  • Flea Markets

If you enjoy looking through old stuff, try one of the flea markets in Berlin. The Bergmannkiez has dozens of stands on weekends in Marheinekeplatz. And Fesche Lotte on Saturdays at Kranoldplatz is the hip and trendy place to go through other people’s junk. Don’t miss the Night Flea Market in SO36.

  • The Berlin Mall

The Berlin Mall features a variety of stores including Bath & Body Works, Kohl’s, and even Walmart. But you can shop at Walmart at home. Try the Treasures Unburied for gifts and Mojo-Jomo for a bite to eat. Be sure to check out the Vermont Bobbin Country Store!


  • Bandol Restaurant

Visit the smallest restaurant in Berlin with a Michelin star. Bandol started as a tiny kebab stand and morphed into an amazing restaurant. They serve a seven-course meal with matching drinks and get all their ingredients fresh from nearby growers. Try the chicken rillette, poultry liver paté, and vegetable stew.

  • NoName Restaurant

They have no name, no limits, and no boundaries. What they do have is delicious food that looks as good as it tastes. Be amazed by their mackerel with dill and radishes, deer ribs with savoy cabbage, calamari with eggplant, or kombucha with carrots. The Shibari art on the back wall is sure to stun you.

  • Factory Girl Café

Perfect for ladies, try the Factory Girl Café for some healthy but delicious breakfast and lunch food. Their signature egg sandwich is famous, as well as the bruschetta and pancakes. They even have a vegan menu. Cameras are encouraged because they take pride in how they serve the food.


  • Tausend Bar

Tausend Bar is not just a bar but is also a cantina and art gallery. Their drinks are made with the finest ingredients from all over the world and the people are so friendly you will feel like you have known them forever. Listen to live music, have some schnitzel and beer, or enjoy some shots with the girls.

  • Sharlie Cheen Bar

Where the motto is “the trick to avoiding hangovers is to stay drunk,” the Sharlie Cheen Bar is an amazing place to party. You may think the name is a pun on Charlie Sheen, but the owners say there was a man who loved alcohol in the early 1900s who wrote the “menu.” You should not miss this one.

  • Madame Claude

For a unique place to party, try Madame Claude. This fun place has the best drinks with a curious twist. Half the furniture is on the ceiling. Yeah, it’s an upside-down bar where they have tables, chairs, and other furniture above your head. Live concerts, DJs, and events are featured every night after seven.



  • Museum Island

Museum Island is the place to go if you like art and have a whole day to spend. The island has five museums including the Pergamon, Bode, Altes, Neues, and the National Gallery. The Pergamon has the Pergamon Altar and the Ishtar Gate to Babylon. Don’t miss the Berlin Palace while you are there!

  • The Body Worlds Museum

The Body Worlds Museum helps you learn all about your body from how you stand and walk to what makes you happy or sad. Find out about destiny, chance, gluttony, pressure, moderation, and excessiveness. See what the inside of a reindeer or giraffe looks like and stop at the gift shop for souvenirs too.

  • Illuseum Berlin

Illuseum Berlin is a fun museum of optical illusions. Brave the vortex tunnel, see your friends shrink, or get dizzy in the tilted room. With holograms everywhere you look, you will have trouble knowing what is real. Try the puzzles and games while you are there and grab some cool souvenirs.


  • River Spree Cruise

Take a relaxing cruise on the River Spree. This lazy four-hour tour includes an audio guide, food and drinks, and a trip through the center of Berlin. Some of the sights you can see include the East Side Gallery, Hansa Bridge, German Ministry of the Interior, Moltke Bridge, Museum Island, and the Berlin Cathedral.

  • Tiergarten Park

The 520-acre Tiergarten Park has been traced all the way back to 1527 when it was the hunting park for the Elector of Brandenburg. Today the park has a plethora of attractions to enjoy such as the Berlin Zoo, several ponds, walking paths, English gardens, and the Soviet War Memorial.

  • Heaven Spa Berlin

You may as well visit Heaven while you are in Berlin. Get the best relaxation therapy at the Heaven Spa Berlin in the Radisson Blu Hotel. Get pampered in an oasis of relaxation and recreation. Take a swim, work out on the equipment, and then enjoy a massage, facial, and maybe even a body pack or peeling.

After all the fun you enjoyed in Berlin and ending with the luxurious spa experience, you may never want to leave. But don’t worry, you can come back anytime. And be sure to take plenty of photos and selfies during your stay to share on your favorite social media sites!

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