The Best Places To Travel As A Retired Couple

As a retired couple looking to travel the world and learn new things, your focus may not necessarily have anything to do with bungee jumping, gambling the whole weekend so you can win bets based on picks against the spread, or partying the whole time for the fun of it. You may just be looking for something relaxing, intimate, and insightful that’ll be easy on the body and enjoyable to the mind.


Being a retired couple doesn’t mean that your trips have to be anything less than the best. In fact, we’ve put together this exciting guide that will provide you with seven of the best destinations to travel to in the world that offer fun and exciting activities just perfect for any senior couple to explore. So, for more on this, you should certainly stay glued to your screen.



One of Europe’s largest countries is Spain and it happens to be an all-time favorite for travelers of all age groups. For seniors, the civilized lifestyle and warm temperatures can prove to be rather appealing because of its combination of cultural attractions and natural beauties that are quite unique to find anywhere else.



If you’re a senior couple that’s big on serenity and a well-paced lifestyle, then you’ll definitely enjoy Portugal. It has uncrowded beaches, boasts of great golfing experiences, hosts several traditional festivals to participate in, and is full of colorful architecture that you just can’t miss.


All these amazing points are within easy traveling distance which can work out well for you when you aren’t too keen on being on the road too much. Portugal is also easy on the budget as well with experiences and cuisines that are great value for money.



Seniors are known to be quite fascinated with history and if that’s the case with you, then Italy will be the perfect option for you. With a beautiful and ancient feel to it, you have the Florence, Pompei, and Venice dazzling highlights to explore, and you also have medieval treasures of Tuscany to unravel. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Sistine chapel or maybe you can visit famous landmarks such as the Trevi Fountain that’s located in Rome.



Germany is known to host several interests that are perfect for any age group, taste, and preference. Enjoy year-round festivals like Christmas Markets and take a short trip around its attractive towns for an even greater experience.


Thanks to its exceptional infrastructure, public transport and getting around is convenient and ideal for touring even as seniors with comfortable buses that are always on time.


Great Britain

Great Britain is known for its rugged beauty Cairngorms and Dartmoor, and it’s also popular for its soft charm that you’d find in the Cotswolds. From the medieval cities of Chester and York to the elegant Bath, Britain truly does remain great in all its establishments and attractions. For seniors that would delight at the sight of royal palaces, cathedrals, and world heritage sites, this would be the perfect destination to explore.



Though Jordan may be regarded as offbeat and rather unusual to visit, it’s a peaceful haven situated right in the Middle East with many stupendous attractions that keep it matched to none. Try its ancient historic sites like the Petra and Wadi Rum. Afterwhich you can travel west to visit the Dead Sea that’s renowned for its rich mineral content that has pain-relieving properties and can treat skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.


Like Germany, Jordan hosts exceptional infrastructure that makes it possible for you to have a hassle-free holiday as you travel from one point to the next.



Thailand is perfect for senior couples that are looking for an exotic experience that’s in a league of its own. It’s the “land of smiles” hosting warm climates and excellent infrastructure. When it comes to the food, it remains served fresh and colorful at an affordable price. There’s also a lot to tell when it comes to its heritage and natural beauty with street markets and temple cities.


For pure relaxation, you have beautiful beaches, lush islands, and spring spas. And you can also indulge in some regular meditation if you wish. If you’d like some fun activities to try, you have the option to opt for scuba diving, windsurfing, and snorkeling.