Things to Know When Visiting Lisbon

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Happiness is visiting Lisbon. There are many reasons to visit such a beautiful city. Such as the charming streets, the easy navigation, and the relaxed and friendly vibe. To help you with your trip I will share some of our tips. Here are things to know when visiting Lisbon.

1. Hills

You should bear in mind that Lisbon is very hilly, which means if you plan to walk it’ll be very up and down, but fun too. But, we can all agree that this is nice because it adds style to the city. One of the benefits of the hills is that you’ll find lots of fantastic viewpoints around the city. Almost all of them are free to access. One of the highest spots is Miradouro da Senhora do Monte.

2. Cobbles

Most of the Lisbon streets have cobbled pavements. These are really pretty and they add a very nice feeling to the city. They could also easily become very slippery when it rains, so keep this in mind when planning what to pack for your feet.

3. Language

Although predominantly Portuguese you’ll find many hotels and restaurants that can speak English and might even have an English version of the menu. You may come across some places where English isn’t the strongest skill but it’s definitely not a huge struggle to get by.

5. Cheap and affordable

Many attractions, eateries, and even hotels can be very affordable in Lisbon. And for budget travelers and backpackers there are hostels where a dorm might cost very low per night.
In terms of food, you could easily budget for around €15-€25 for a meal out, although always check the menu first. 

6. Transportation

You’ll notice that Lisbon is quite walkable, although if you struggle with hills then you may want to consider some of the other transport options. These include trams (the famous one is Tram 28), the subway, Uber, and taxis which can quickly get you around the city.
Another great feature of Lisbon is that even the subway has an airport connection. This means that once you arrive you can easily get from the airport to the center of the city and it is both cheap and quick.

7. Tiles

As you will start to explore Lisbon you will constantly notice stunning facades. These often contain colorful patterned tiles. These are extremely attractive to look at and also very charming.


8. Very photogenic

For photographers, you’ll be in for a treat as Lisbon comes with lots of fantastic photo opportunities. From incredible (and of course free) viewpoints to grand historic landmarks.


9. The attractions are somehow spread out

The attractions in Lisbon are somehow spread out, meaning you’ll likely need to get some form of transport if you wish to see everything. For instance, some of the most significant attractions such as the Belem Tower are a little bit out from the center. Although you can easily get there via taxi or train – it is also cheap.

10. It’s a little bit breezy – especially at night

When you decide to visit Lisbon, even during peak summer you should still consider bringing a jacket. This is because there can often be a gentle breeze from the sea, and when you are up the viewpoints it can be a little chilly.

11. Custard Tarts

You shouldn’t leave Lisbon without trying the custard tarts – Pastel de Nata. They are considered a highlight of the visit. You’ll find it almost at all bakeries. They make a good snack, or dessert after a meal. Just try not to eat too many in one go!

12. Fish

For fish lovers, you’ll find many restaurants that offer fresh and delicious dishes. From octopus, roasted fish, to specialty dishes such as Bacalhau a Bras.

13. Fado

The traditional music in Lisbon is considered Fado music, and as you explore the city you may stumble across performers on the street or at cafes and bars. The music is enjoyable to listen to and often involves a Portuguese guitar and expressive singing. 

14. Lisbon Nights

You can also expect magnificent and great things from the nightlife in Lisbon. Over the past years, Lisbon Stag Do‘s are receiving more and more attention for their late-night action. Lisbon is listed among Europe’s best party destinations.

15. Weather

The summer months are generally the hottest ones in the city with average temperatures around 24°C. But, during the winter months, the temperature drops to an average of around 12°C. Rain is also less common in the summer months, but a lot more likely in the winter.


Another highlight of Portugal’s capital is SintraSintra is around an hour away from Lisbon and easily accessible using a train, taxi or Uber. While in Sintra be sure to visit Pena Palace as well as the Initiation Well at Quinta da Regaleira.

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