Things to Pay Attention to when Renting a Car

Renting a car is an awesome opportunity during your travels to enjoy more freedom and more flexibility. Experienced travelers often end up renting a car and enjoying the benefits of having their own set of wheels to rely on. But don’t just rent whichever car you see first! Every rental agency is different and there are a few things to always pay attention to when renting a vehicle:

Pack your paperwork

Your car rental agency will need to see your documents before they let you rent a car and drive it around. And there’s nothing more disappointing than getting to see the cars just to realize you left your license or ID at home. You will most likely need a valid driver’s license, an ID, and a valid credit card in your name in order to rent a car. Why the credit card? Well, the company does need some sort of insurance in case you make any traffic violations, parking tickets, damage to the car, etc. In some cases, you can make an upfront cash deposit as a warranty.

Mind your age

Did you know that in many cases (not valid for all car rental agencies), younger drivers need to pay more than older drivers? No matter how good of a driver you are, at 21, you might be forced to pay an additional fee. Rental companies see younger drivers as a liability so they want to be better insured with higher fees. Some companies also have an Additional Driver fee that might be higher if you register someone under the age of 25.

Size matters

When it comes to cars, size is one of the first things to pay attention to when renting a car. Depending on the number of passengers you’ll drive, you can opt for a two-seater, small car, sedan, 7-seater SUV, or even an 8-seater van. For shorter trips, you can get a small car and save up some money. However, if you’re taking a road trip around Australia, always get a bigger size for your long trip because you’ll definitely need a lot of space during your adventure. Luckily, car hire in Sydney offers all different models, and practical SUVs might be perfect for your off-road trips. SUVs like Mitsubishi Outlander fit seven passengers and come with huge luggage space for all your tents, sleeping bags, and clothing.

Get insurance

Investing in No Excess Full-Damage Waiver insurance is always a smart move. Your regular insurance will cover any damage that happens to your rented car during an accident, of course, up to the deductible amount depending on the vehicle you choose. Usually, deductibles go from $500 to $1000, depending on the model. Usually, damages to car rentals are not accidents, but small scratches, burns, flat tires, and damage to mirrors. Most insurance policies don’t cover the costs of small damages, even though it’s very realistic that you’ll come back from your dinner and find a new ding on the car or notice a missing mirror. But with a No Excess FDW insurance, you’ll always get to enjoy your rental in peace.

Ask about the fuel

Many rental services require you to fill up the tank, otherwise, you might end up paying double or triple the costs of the fuel. If you want to save up, ask at the shop what kind of fuel does your car run on and make sure to visit the petrol station before you return the rental.

Consider the extras

Usually, people just need the car for their trip and that’s it, but not always. You can also rent extras during your vacation and boost the safety and practicality of your car. But these extras cost, well, extra, so if you want to save up, bring them from home. For instance, if you need GPS, don’t rent one from the agency but use your maps on the phone (if you have a local data card). Also, you most likely don’t need a satellite radio—it’s very fun to enjoy goofy local commercials and local music. You can also rent an electronic toll pass. This is great if you want to save time, but unless you’re planning to use it every day, you can risk the traffic a little bit.

Renting a car can improve any vacation and adventure because you’ll get to run at your own pace. If you’re planning to rent a car, use these tips above for your inspiration and you’ll never make another car rental mistake.