Top 10 Must-Visit Places in Europe for International Students Who Want to Combine Traveling and Studying

Traveling makes us rich and erudite, so take advantage of every opportunity to visit a new place. Europe has much to offer regarding impressions, so by reading our article, you will learn more about the top ten must-visit places in Europe for international students who want to combine travel and study. 

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Rome, Italy

Italy has many cities one must visit at least once in life, but starting from Rome is always a good idea. It is better to take at least a week to visit all places in Rome. But even if you have only a weekend in this beautiful city, you can do a lot learning many interesting things about Rome. Must-visit is Vatican City, which is a perfect spot to immerse yourself in history and art. Of course, you will be impressed by the Colosseum and the famous Trevi Fountain, which is always full of tourists. So if you want to take beautiful pictures near Trevi Fountain, visiting it early in the morning is better.

Prague, Czech Republic

Of course, the Czech Republic is a less popular destination compared to France or Italy, but it has a lot to offer to students in terms of historical places and the whole atmosphere. It is very cozy, and you will definitely enjoy your time walking the streets of Prague. You need to do not miss such popular touristic spots as Charles Bridge, Prague Castle and of course the Old Town. Getting lost in the streets of Prague is a true fairy tale, and while you are there, you definitely need to try delicious local foods and see how this beautiful city lives its daily life. So it’s better to visit Prague not on the weekend when there are a lot of tourists but on weekdays.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

You have heard a lot about Amsterdam, which is full of surprises. The city will definitely impress you. So you must put it on your travel list for sure. Its beautiful canals are amazing, and you must see them for sure. This city is not only about beauty but also has a lot of offers in terms of visiting museums, exhibitions of tulips and of course bicycles. It would be best if you went to Van Gogh Museum for sure because of the beautiful atmosphere. Even just walking the beautiful streets of Amsterdam will give you much pleasure.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a beautiful idea to distract yourself from the big city life. The stunning architecture of Budapest will let you investigate beautiful places because it’s full of surprises. Buda Castle is one of the most visited spots in Budapest, so go there. And, of course, you must not limit yourself to only one city district. Visit Buda and Pest as well. You will be excited by both districts. Go see Memento Park and the House of Terror are must-visit spots. Along with many other spaces, remember to try local cuisine.

Barcelona, Spain

Spain is a beautiful country, and one of its most visited places is Barcelona. This city is definitely worth your attention, and if you are visiting Spain for the first time, it is a great option to start your journey through this beautiful country. Catalan culture will impress you because it is unique. You need to visit the nightclubs in Barcelona as well and enjoy the nightlife of this city because it is impressive. If you are not into parties, you can visit museums and enjoy art and architecture. Barcelona has a lot of surprises, and you will be impressed by discovering them.

Paris, France

Almost everyone’s dream is to visit the city of love, Paris in France, and you definitely should put it on your must-visit list as well. You will fall in love with beautiful architecture and see the spots you saw in your favorite movies. Paris is a good idea from any point of view. If you want to be not a cliche and do not want to limit yourself by visiting the Eiffel Tower, you can make a gastro tour and enjoy amazing French food in Paris. You should definitely try the different desserts offered and visit some museums starting from Louvre.

Berlin, Germany

We are sure that each student must have Berlin on their list of must-visit places in Europe because this city has a lot to offer to anyone who has not been to places like that before. Students enjoy festivals and concerts in Berlin, and of course, you can also visit different galleries of modern art. The famous Berlin Wall and Brandenburg Gates are must-visit spots in Berlin as well. You will be enjoying different parts of Berlin. Eastern and Western parts are very different, and you must visit them both.

Athens, Greece

Greece is a beautiful country, not only impressive but also very rich in its historical heritage. Ancient ruins of Athens, including the Acropolis and Parthenon, will definitely impress you, and you will feel the unique Greek atmosphere by visiting them. Walking the streets of Athens will make you feel that you have lost in time, and it will give life-lasting impressions. Of course, you should try local cuisine and see some unique places like the beautiful Ancient Acropolis. There is a lot to see in Athens, so plan for at least several days to see everything.

Edinburgh, Scotland

You will like Scotland, and of course, you should not miss it. When you are planning your trip to Edinburgh, you must visit Edinburgh Castle as well as the Royal Mile. Walk in the city center and see different architectural buildings, showing you the rich history of this ancient city. It would be best to visit museums in Edinburgh because you will understand much about Scotland after this experience. It would help if you took some hours to walk the city of Edinburgh and dive into the atmosphere of Scotland.

Lisbon, Portugal

If you like views and the many colors in the streets, you definitely should put Lisbon on your travel list. We recommend you start from Alfama and see Belem Tower because it is full of beautiful gastro spots that will let you try the delicious cuisine of Portugal. Remember to take a lot of pictures of Lisbon’s ancient streets and visit this beautiful city’s museums. Learn more about the history of Lisbon, especially about Portuguese sailors who started their journeys from some points of this city. 

We hope you enjoyed reading our article and now know more about the must-visit places in Europe for international students. We wish you good luck!