Top 8 Most Romantic Places in The World for Couples

Some places in the world are calling for romantic souls who cherish their love. Be it an anniversary or honeymoon; you can find a lot of cities for a romantic getaway.

Below in this article, we’ve picked some places you must visit with your loved one, regardless of the occasion. So, let’s get to it.


Best Romantic Spots Around the World

From quiet province places to crowded metropoles where you can get lost in a city of millions – there is a romantic spot for everyone. Check out our best picks for romantic towns you have to visit with your partner.


Tanzania, Africa

A safari trip depicting African wildlife is one of the best experiences you can share with your partner. For that reason, Tanzania is a destination worth considering.

But, the safari isn’t the only attraction you can find here. This destination features some of the best shores and waters on earth, with stellar resorts that are perfect for relaxing. You can also visit the Kikuletwa Hotsprings and splash around the water while gazing at the breathtaking scenery.


Paris, France

It comes as a cliche, but everyone should at least once visit Paris and create their own story. This city wasn’t always the City of Love; it was known as the City of Revolution and the City of Culture and Encouragement. Paris got this new nickname by celebrating small victories through the vine, music, and starry nights.

From the Arc de Triomphe to the Luxembourg Palace and Gardens and – let’s not forget – the Eiffel Tower, couples can enjoy their days strolling around romance while tasting some delicious croissants. 

Therefore, grab your passport and don’t wait. But before, make sure all is in order with it. If you find you need a new one, quickly take a perfect passport photo online and send in the documents. Once you get your passport, it’s “Bonjour Paris!”.


Tuscany, Italy

Italy has a lovely proverb: “Years, cups of wine, and lovers are the things that shouldn’t be counted.”Tuscany lives by this saying. With long verdant fields stretching as far as the eye can see, waterfalls, and beaches, this city has some of the best places where you can get lost in time.

Aside from the picturesque nature, you and your partner can sip wine and try various Italian delicacies in one of the homey vineyards. And if history is more up your speed, there are plenty of towers, castles, and other landmarks that can take you both on a trip to the past.


Venice, Italy

How can we not include another Italian city when one of the greatest English bards, Shakespeare, was inspired to write many of his romantic comedies in Venice?

From a trip down the canals to explore the story of the city’s surreal beauty to a delicious dinner from the Italian cuisine that delights every heart – everything is at your disposal. If you want some quality time to feel the romantic Venetian spirit, don’t wait! Book your stay immediately and surprise your partner.


Mallorca, Spain

The largest Balearic Islands is Mallorca, with the best beaches, resorts, and surrounding woods and mountains that deliver breathtaking sights. 

There are several outstanding hotels to book your stay and whisk your partner away for a weekend getaway. Guests have many quality options for new experiences, like enjoying a day on a yacht, exploring the vineyards, or the nearby beaches. 

After all, is there something better than spending the weekend in your swimsuit, a cocktail in hand, and the love of your life right next to you?


Kyoto, Japan

Let’s jump from the West and head east! Kyoto is Japan’s former capital, so there are plenty of sights to see and things to enjoy with your significant other. 

Japan is known for its temples, and there are plenty for you to visit in Kyoto. The Kiyomizu-Dera Temple is a famous association with good fortune in love, so make sure to stop there. While in Kyoto, check the Romantic Train and have a nature date. Walk below the cherry blossoms streets and live the most romantic fairytale story of your life.

Let’s not forget the Kinosaki Onsen area, which is most famous for its hot springs. Even on the way to the onsen, you’ll pass by many ryokans or the traditional Japanese inns, getting a glimpse of old Japan.


Scottish Highlands, Scottish

Castles, exceptional nature, dramatic weather – name better details that compose the perfect romantic holiday for two wanderlusts! 

The Scottish Highlands, with the mountains and lakes nearby, is inviting to be explored even if the forecasts say, “rainy day ahead.” 

If you want to go around the nature of the Highlands, it’s best if you come during the summer. There’s nothing better than strolling beneath the summer rain and enjoying the moment. On the way home, you can grab a drink (or two) at the inns along the way. Plus, there are romantic hotels with country-like motives and camping areas to try out.


The Azores, Portugal

These nine volcanic Portuguese islands are one of the most exciting trips you can spend with your loved one. The scene that features mist from the volcanos creates a mysterious setting that waits on you to explore it.

Once you finish with it, you can always go to the hot springs for relaxation, boating with some of the best cuisines here. If exploring is what you both long for, there are many caves and caverns that you can see, some hiding waterfalls in the vacancy.


Final Say

Some say that even a barn feels romantic and unique with the right person beside you. However, spending quality time with your significant other is essential, and your location can play a big part in that. 

And with so many locations to visit, why stick to only one? Whether you’re more adventurous or want the quiet life that comes with a scenic village, the world is your oyster! So don’t wait up – grab your things, book a trip, and surprise the special someone in your life.