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10 “Liars” We Thought Were “A” In Pretty Little Liars

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We could never be sure with this show. Just when we think we’ve figured out who “A” was, we get a huge curveball thrown at us. Throughout the entire seven seasons, there have been too many suspects to keep track of! Here are 10 of the worst humans we believed were “A”.

1. Jenna Marshall

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I mean she does have a valid reason for hating Ali and the girls, but there is no way shes evil enough to be “A”

2. Noel Kahn

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All the secrets eventually come out, later it is finally revealed that Noel was apart of the making of the Doll House… I’m not giving away any secrets if you have yet to see the show, and if you have already seen it you’ll know what I mean.

3. Alison Dilaurentis

All the liars constantly were thinking that Ali was dead, I mean what else were they supposed to believe.. the girls were at her funeral… “That’s Immortality my darlings.”

4. Jason Dilaurentis

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Jason played many roles in the show, including Ali’s older brother, Spencers half brother… He held so many secrets

5. Mona Vanderwaal

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The girl CRACKED! I mean can you blame her, after all, Ali had put her through? She was committed to being apart of the “A” team.

6. Toby Cavanaugh

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From Jenna’s creepy step-brother and the creepy boy next door to the ultimate heartthrob and one of the best boyfriends, the girls could have asked for! #TeamSoby I mean nothing says romance more than tracking, right?

7. Melissa Hastings


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Yes, Melissa is the crazy big sister and yes, Melissa is a murderer but not in the sense that you think… She may be a part of the A-Team but she is definitely not the “real” A

8. Darren Wilden

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If you ask me, he’s the biggest creep on the show, yeah he was defiantly a suspect and one of the “Queen of Hearts” but he defiantly was not A either!

9. Ian Thomas

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In the beginning, all fingers pointed towards Ian, even though he was married to Spencer’s sister. We later see that he is not in fact “A” when he is met in the bell tower.

10. Charles Dilaurentis A.K.A CeCe Drake

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She was a suspect in the beginning but later dusted off, the big shocker for the girls was finding out that CeCe was actually Charles… Charles Dilaurentis… see a connection there?

Pretty Little Liars (PLL) is available to be streamed on HBO MAX, all seven seasons! Trust me when I tell you that this show will keep you on your feet. You think you know what to suspect but in all actuality, you have no idea what is coming next because “only two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.”

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