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5 Sweater Styles to Help You Transition from Summer to Fall

While we’re still enjoying these final few weeks of sizzling warmth and shorts-worthy weather, we still need to think and plan ahead for fall. We’re in for some new and exciting fall fashion trends to enrich our existing wardrobe, from classic jeans to cropped jackets and sweaters we love.

Still, you can look beyond trends and aim for practical, warm items that will both help you enhance your style and make you feel cozy once the fall chill comes knocking. This year, sweaters and cardigans in their many shapely forms and prints will steal the spotlight. Who knew that sweaters could be stylish, right? Well, here are a few fall-friendly sweater ideas to help you embrace the upcoming fall weather and boost your own look-book with a few new comfortable yet good-looking items.

Oversized and chunky all the way

If there’s a single sweater trend that has outlasted so many others, it’s the oversized sweater – the wearable equivalent of your comfort food, the most de-stressing piece of clothing one could possibly imagine. Yes, it’s still fashionable, and it works well with your favorite pair of jeans, as well as leggings for casual get-togethers in fall, or just an afternoon at home.

As summer is coming to a close, a chunky sweater will provide the perfect level of warmth, while serving at the same time as a brilliant and effortless addition to your look-book.

Love your practical pockets

Ladies love pockets, which is why you’ll find so many casual dresses with more pockets than they really need. Gentlemen, on the other hand, like their wearables to have a purpose, even though being stylish already serves a purpose – but they like their pockets to truly be functional.

So, form-fitting cardigans with practical pockets serve to fit a stylish cardholder wallet for those business events where networking is vital. Suddenly, your simple fall wardrobe essential has transformed into a perfect lead-generating accessory for any occasion. However, don’t overstuff your cardigan pockets, because they should remain sleek, otherwise you risk stretching the knitwork too much on one side.

Lengthy cardigans 

An alternative to oversized and chunky, long cardigans have been around for a while, and they have their place in your fall wardrobe. You can already see yourself wrapped up in the fabric as you curl up with a good book and a cup of cocoa, can’t you?

Introducing long cardigans to your style means you give it a slightly casual note, so it’s a good choice for fall office meetings, but also for daytime coffee dates on a rainy day. Sometimes, these can have sizeable pockets perfect for storing your keys or wallet – just make sure you can reach them and not worry about losing the items you store in the pockets. Alternatively, you can pair them with handbags or a clutch purse for special occasions.

Cashmere for ultimate softness

Cotton sweaters are always a solid, reliable choice. They are durable and comfortable, and they come in a wide array of colors for those of you who like to keep things quirky. However, for a slightly more high-end choice, one that will provide ultimate comfort, go for cashmere. This luxurious, delicate fabric is absolutely perfect for elegant outings in fall, and you can pair cashmere sweaters with anything you please, be it a cocktail dress, a pair of jeans, or a pencil skirt.

Prints to try out this fall

When we mentioned chunky and oversized sweaters, did you immediately envision them in solid colors and creamy pastels? Yes, those are perfectly valid choices for brightening up your rainy fall days, but you can go well beyond single colors and try out some bolder prints. You can easily pair them with black or charcoal jeans, while men can expand their sweater palette if they prefer chinos.

Consider checkers as a geometric favorite that transcends seasons, while stripes remain a top choice for most fashionable folk out there. You can go for patterns woven into the fabric itself with different textures, just make sure you can make it work with your bottoms.

Although one could say there’s not much to wearing or selecting a sweater for your fall collection, why not introduce some fun and variety into your choices? These options are timeless, and they’ll make you feel cozy and comfortable while at the same time serving a purpose. Plus, you can easily enhance them with a few well-chosen accessories, be it some baubles or a chunky bag. Use your wardrobe to make your fall more fashionable and stay comfy with these versatile sweaters!