Best Couple Costumes For Halloween 2021

How do we even process this year? Full of ups and downs, open restaurants and also lockdowns… the good news is that we made it this far and Halloween is near. And the witches are brewing… so let’s take a look at some cool couple costumes for Halloween this year. Here are ten couple costume ideas for couples to dress up and have fun this Halloween.

1.) Wanda And Vision

Because nothing screams forever relationship more than dressing up as this dynamic duo. Til death we don’t part to be exact. Expect more to come from this series. Here is a link to a costume site 

2.) The Bachelor or Bachelorette Couple Costume

This one is the perfect excuse to dress up. So if you have a party to go to as a couple and you want to put on your fanciest and his the most dapper then this costume is meant for you.

3.) The Duke And Duchess Of Bridgerton

Upset the Duke is not returning ? Well you and your lovely can recreate the renaissance romance with a period costume. You can even throw yourself a party that celebrates corsets, dapper dudes and all.


4.) Fifty Shades Of Sexy Halloween

Another great excuse to dress up. Fifty Shades of Grey Costumes mean evening wear for you and your beau. Just make sure you have a safe word.


5.) Buddy The Elf And Jovi Costumes

Some folks are just ready for Christmas. Bring on the Elf.


6.) Wine And Cheese Couple Costume

Pair so well together. So why not have a bottle of your best red and a perfect charcuterie cheese


7.) Bride and Groom Couple Costume

Here comes the dead bride? He has a top hat- and you wear white. The humor is in the blood and makeup. So have fun with it. Maybe he is your future hubby?

8.) Blake And Gwen

Maybe you are a little bit Country or a serious No Doubt Fan- Cowboy Meets OC Skaviille with this dynamic due- because opposites do attract!

9.) Homer And Marge Simpson

The Simpsons will  always be the ultimate American Family. They are forever in love, have their differences and strive for greatness.

10.) Piper And Brendan Couple Costume

The anti-couple from Bachelor In Paradise. The ultimate couple despite the amount of followers they have.

Costume Conclusion

Halloween is back! So whatever costume you decide on, enjoy the tradition of playing dress up. A romantic Cosplay with Candy!!

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