Celebrate Christmas in Style: Ways to Make Your Home Feel Festive

Finally, the holiday season is here and we can start living surrounded by Christmas cheer. No matter if you prefer a more religious aspect of the holidays or simply enjoy the vibes and the presents, you will definitely do something to prepare your home for the merriest time of the year. If you want to celebrate in style, be surrounded by Christmas vibes and impress all your guests, here are a few things you can do to your home to make it more festive yet stylish:

Light it up

The most iconic way to decorate your home for Christmas is to hang festive lights around the house. There are people who really push this part of the holiday season to the limit, but you don’t have to turn your home into Santa’s village in order to achieve a beautiful effect. Just grab some simple monochromatic lights and go around your windows and entrance. If you have any trees in your yard, dress them up in lights as well. Each evening when you turn on your lighting, you’ll feel a heart-warming surge of Christmas spirit.

Be creative with the tree

If you’re planning to celebrate Christmas in style this year, you might want to rethink your tree. While traditional trees always look pretty and iconic, you can take a different route this time. You can opt for a minimalist wooden tree that can also be decorated and painted. Or you can make a tree entirely out of baubles and lights. What about a tree made of wrapped presents?

Make over the entrance

The entrance makes the biggest impression on everyone who steps inside your home, so make sure to make it extra festive. For instance, you can create a beautiful holiday wreath for your front door and switch up your regular doormat for something more Santa-inspired.

Give your home a makeover

While for many, December is not the most popular month to paint inside or outside the house, some parts of the world, like Australia, enjoy super-hot weather during this time. So use your warm weather to refresh your home for the holiday. Invite experienced residential painters from Sydney to your home and settle on a new color palette. This might be a more significant investment than hanging lights, but it will be worth it because the effects will be amazing. Pros know how to give the best advice on colors and techniques, and thanks to their experience, your project will be done just in time for Christmas.

Christmas cushions and throws

If you want a fast and easy way to incorporate some extra warmth, softness and cheer into your home, grab a few holiday-inspired cushions. Depending on your interior, you can opt for simple red and green cushions or choose something more elaborate with embroidered Christmas motifs on velvet. Whimsical cushions and throws are a great way to add fun to your home without getting committed to it. Add a soft white throw to your couch or armchair and it will look just like soft snow-covered hills during winter.

Add comforting smells with candles

What aromas do you associate with Christmas? Is it freshly-baked cookies? Maybe some cinnamon and apple tea? Or is it fresh pine coming from your Christmas tree? Whatever it is, there’s a scented candle smelling just like that! Add a few aromatic candles to your coffee table centerpiece, mantle or work desk and don’t hesitate to light them up whenever you want to relax and get into the holiday spirit. Placing candles in your window will also provide some extra natural decoration with a soft aesthetic, just make sure to remove your curtains.

Spray some artificial snow

It simply feels festive to have a white Christmas, no matter where you are from. Even those living in hot climates can get their wish with artificial snow. There are different types of this magical holiday addition, but the easiest one to handle comes in a spray form. You can spray snow on the windows and make fun pictures—this is especially interesting for kids. But don’t forget to add some to your tree and fireplace mantle. The best thing about spraying snow is that it’s easy to apply and clean up and it’s not messy.

Go green and natural with decoration

If you have a bunch of vintage decorations that you reuse every year, that’s an amazing practice that will save you money and keep the planet nice and green. Most new decorations are made with low-quality plastic, making them bad for the environment. Opt for natural decorations like driftwood, pine branches, and recycled paper ornaments if you want to decorate for Christmas yet stay green. These look festive and elegant and won’t fill the landfill.

Use these ideas to decorate your home this holiday season and welcome Christmas in style. Be sure that everyone, including you, will be impressed with your decoration skills and elegant tastes.