Celebrate The Fall Feels Season With These Ten Leaf Changing Ideas

Okay, Summer ending is ALWAYS a bummer. Truly it is.. however, the fall season brings its own joys and pleasures. So here are ten things to do to celebrate fall that I am rearing to enjoy. Celebrate Fall as one leaf turns orange and then the next and so on an so forth. Fall means breaking out the smokey colored clothes and corduroys. Oh and did I mention boots? YASS the boots!!


1.) Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Pumpkin ANYTHING–is a must do. I mean– I am having a latte anyway, so why not add some spicy goodness? Nutmeg, cinnamon, pumpkin and apple are all savory spiced in teas and coffees as the season begins.


2.) Fall Picnic

There is nothing sweeter or more romantic than a fall picnic with your love..  So break out the wine- and charcuterie plate or put together some sandwiches and your favorite snacks. Put a sweet playlist together and find a remote spot or a nearby park. With the kids in school those places are a bit quieter and much more serene. Spend some quality time together and get close as the cool breeze encourages extra cuddles.


3.) Patio Dining

The ‘squitos’ are asleep, the crisp air beckons and the patios are open! So put on that dress you love to twirl in and support local with a nice evening dinner. Leave the cooking for another night. Take it as an opportunity to discuss holiday plans and to enjoy each others company. You can hold hands as you stroll to your favorite local eatery. And jus be a couple!

4.) Happy Hour With Friends

Go from work to play seamlessly with your coworker wifey and work family. As restaurants regain their footing since COVID-19 began, show them some love and gratitude by enjoying their specials with your favorite work crew. And don’t forget to tip big! Celebrate Fall with your closest friends.


5.) Shop til you drop

Shopping with your bestie is one of the best things to do as you and your BFF both Fall into the season. It’s sweater weather and hat season so find your local boutique, consign and sell last years items you no longer covet and find your new and next items together!


6.) Keep Summer Alive

Perhaps you just want a little more Summer? There are a few things you can do to delay the inevitability of the change of seasons. Pop on some punchy summer nail color, add tights to your summer dresses and replace your summer sandals with boots. Or take a trip to a summer destination with your beau or bestie. You are bound to get some great deals right now.


7.) Find a Fall Festival

Apple orchards, pumpkins everywhere, local music, tasty festival eats will get you into the season. So get your fall bucket list on and remember to layer those clothes!


8.) Celebrate Fall Host A Fall Party

Fall is the perfect time to entertain friends. People are back from their Summer vacations and have not quite taken off for their Thanksgiving dinners. So plan an outdoor fall bbq, beckoning your friends over for some time together. You can keep the party outdoors while the weather is right.


9.) Binge Some Streaming Series

There are so many shows and so many streaming outlets to binge from. Catching up on Gossip Girl via Netflix is one way, but why not check out some Docuramas too? There is The Way We Move, for example. And remember, as we get into spooky season, maybe it is time to get into the creepier shows like You.


10.) Start Planning Spooky Season NOW

Halloween Costumes? What will you be? Are you hosting the Halloween party? is there a theme? How many Halloween movies can I watch before the big day? And how should we decorate or place? Getting into Fall green lights getting into Halloween season too.

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