Five Solid Reasons To Prepare A Vegan ThanksGiving Dinner This Year

Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving weekend? It’s a chance for us to gather with friends and family and actually take a break from work and school. Because Thanksgiving is more than just a day and a meal. It is a long weekend that gives us time to reflect on the year as it winds down and to find gratitude and to give thanks for all that we have. For me, the best part of Thanksgiving is the food. Because I love to cook. And I love to make my meal extra special by making it vegan.

Here are ten solid reasons to prepare your Thanksgiving dinner vegan style.

Vegan For The Animals

If for no other reason, going vegan at Thanksgiving is a way to celebrate all animals. It is an act of kindness. And a great way to prepare going vegan for the month of January

It’s Healthier

Eating vegan means no butter and no cream. It also means more veggies, nuts and grains. Why not end the year with some healthy clean eating? Many glowing celebrities swear by a strict plant based diet. But even if you decide to choose to eat just a few vegan meals a week, you are reducing your risk for heart disease. So try it. Replace the butter and milk in your mash potatoes with alternatives.

The Earth Will Appreciate A Vegan Thanksgiving

Animal Agriculture is one of the main contributors to our current climate crisis. There are plenty of meat substitutes out there that taste great and that support a cleaner, healthier earth and atmosphere.


It Is A Socially Responsible Way To Give Thanks

If this pandemic has taught us anything it has taught us that the world is fragile and that we need to take on a more socially responsible approach to the way we consume and produce goods and services. Efficiencies such as vegan eating is a conscious step toward a more nurtured planet. One that gives us so much daily.

A Vegan Thanksgiving Is Affordable

Going Vegan does not need to be expensive. Moreover there are so many vegan options out there including desserts for the perfect Vegan Thanksgiving Day Feast.  Because a vegan Thanksgiving can consist of the same dishes but with a few less ingredients, minus the expensive turkey of course.

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