How To Keep Your Computer Organized

While most of us are enjoying working from home, our at-home computers are being utilized and tasked with multiple activities. What was once a computer for personal and sometimes work use has now become a vessel for work life, home life, file storage, and more. This means that being computer organized has never been more critical. Here are some ways to streamline your at-home computer so that it runs as efficiently as possible.


Establish Uses And Files

Your work-at-home computer should be able to provide you with at least two uses. First, it should work as a communication and information center in your house for work and home life. And second,  it should act as a streamlined storage facility. If you organize your computer files correctly, your most important documents, photos, and data files can be stored on your home computer.

Personal Files

Personal files should be labeled as such, and make sure that your files are clearly labeled. Family photo folders should be labeled with dates and other notable event details so that you can easily access those folders when you want to take a trip down memory lane with friends and family.

Household Files

Taxes, mortgage information, budget spreadsheets, and other expense sheets should all be filed in folders citing year and location.

Business Files

Be sure to separate all of your work from home work files and folders and utilize your desktop for your daily folders and shortcuts so that you can get a quick start to your work day.


Store Your Files Clearly

Be sure to specify images, events, spreadsheets, taxes, and other categories the same way you would organize your physical filing cabinet.  Make sure you have enough memory to support your computer for multi-use, and that bulky files are compressed and correctly labeled and stored. Create shortcuts to the files you access daily. And most importantly, keep and maintain only the files that you need.


Keep Your Desktop Simple

Maintaining fewer files on your desktop will make your computer time easier to navigate. Your desktop should only have apps and files you plan to open daily. While having shortcuts can minimize wasted computer time, too many files on your desktop can force you to scan longer for the file you want to open.


Restore and Delete Images And Files

Make a point to clean out your computer files, deleting anything you no longer need to store. Because the fewer files you have to navigate to find what you need, the less time each task will take. You likely have duplicate files you can delete and files you no longer need to store.

If you have any files or images that are corrupted and need restoration, there are software options to help. The best one we have found for this is Stellar Photo Recovery which is available for both Windows and Mac.

How It Works

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Install Security Software

Precious photos, financial information, and other personal data can easily be stolen from your home computer if you do not prevent virus attacks. Identity theft is on the rise, and our home computers have so much of our personal data stored in them. So be sure to install security software and scan your computer weekly for any issues.


Maintain Your Computer

Your computer can be a great tool and storage facility for your photos, audio files, and data. Once you have organized your files and restored any corrupted files, you can continue to maintain your computer with simple steps. Reboot, refresh, physically clean, and unplug your computer to keep it cool, efficient, and in good shape.

So much of our daily lives revolve around our computers. Organizing your files on your computer can create maximum storage with minimum space allowing you to get rid of old cameras and devices while maintaining the files you want. Being computer organized will help you maintain a better work-from-home work-life balance and a more productive at-home computer user experience.