How to Make the Most of Your Extra Free Time: 5 Ideas


The pandemic made it more challenging to engage in your favorite activities. Things likely got boring for you pretty quickly. That said, you have the power to reclaim your passion for life, and you should seize it!


There’s a world to explore. Sometimes, you just need a bit of inspiration to discover what you love. Here are five ideas for making the most of your extra free time that don’t involve a Netflix marathon.


1. Fix Up the Old Homestead

Stop what you’re doing and take a look around your house. Chances are, you can find multiple things you’d like to improve, and fixing them might not take as much money as you think. Why not put your handyman skills to the test?


You don’t necessarily need to swing a hammer. If your home’s look needs an upgrade, you can find inexpensive prints and frames at your local dollar store to transform your walls into an art gallery. Get crafty with ideas like repainting an old ladder into a plant stand for your aloe and spider plants.


If you do have money, make it work for you by adding to your curb appeal and resale value. Tasks like upgrading your garage door make your neighborhood look more appealing to buyers while improving your family’s safety and comfort. Add shelves, pegboard and cabinets to the area, as many would-be homeowners want more storage space.


Another worthwhile investment is upgrading your outdoor living space. Even if it’s too cold to pour concrete to support deck posts, you can map out the project and purchase materials.


2. Immerse Yourself in a New Culture

Travel restrictions make life no fun for the passport set. However, there’s no reason why you can’t participate in a little cultural immersion stateside.


Start by mastering a new language. If you haven’t used a foreign tongue since high school French, you’ll delight in the host of language learning apps you can choose from today. If you have 15 minutes extra each day, you can eventually learn to converse in Japanese.


Then, get in the kitchen. Forget the take-out menu and learn to cook authentic Chinese dishes as you’d find on the streets of Beijing. Your taste buds don’t need a vaccine passport to enjoy some Assam Laksa.


3. Build a Side Business 

It doesn’t matter if all you wanted when you grew up was to have a “good” job and a home. The economic reality in the United States means that no matter how hard you labor, you probably don’t earn enough to keep up with soaring housing, health care and educational costs unless you get lucky.


Unfortunately, you’re also human, and if your hourly rate doesn’t cut the mustard, you can only take on so many side hustles before you crash and burn. If only you could make money while you sleep.


Guess what? You can, with the right side hustle. While it may take you a while to design, why not create a Udemy course? Other ideas include starting a blog or a YouTube channel.


4. Test Your Physical Limits

Have you always wanted the bragging rights of saying you finished a marathon? If you have some extra free time on your hands, why not start training? Don’t laugh — the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and you will improve with practice even if you struggle to circle the block now.


Not everyone enjoys running, but testing your physical limits is a fun way to fill your hours. If you prefer to remain indoors, clear some space and try one of the most challenging yoga asanas imaginable. Are you more the tough-guy sort? Why not add some plates to your home gym and see how far you can take your bench press?


5. Give Back to Your Community

There are so many people hurting right now. If you have some extra free time, why not see how you can give back to your community?

You don’t have to venture back into public while the threat of COVID-19 lingers. You can find virtual volunteering opportunities that let you make a difference from your living room.

Make the Most of Your Extra Free Time With These Five Ideas

There’s no need for you ever to feel bored with all life has to explore. Make the most of your extra free time with the five ideas above.


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