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How To Wear Midi Pleated Skirts For All Occasions

Mini Pleated Skirts. How To Perfect The Look

On Brand means being On Trend in the 21st century. And the planned trends of the style industry are dominating the planet with glamorous pieces. While these textures and patterns influence the way people dress, it also affects homeware designs, makeup palettes and fashion forward attitudes.

After all, the 60s counterculture wasn’t only based on tunics and flares; it became more about the entire attitude of a person. 

While a skirt may seem like just a skirt. That is simply not true. And while there are a lot of dresses in the fashion industry with different styles and designs, the latest in skirts, are MIDI at length.

To understand MIDI length is to know that it is in between the mini and maxi length.  

The Pleats are what makes the MIDI skirt on trend this year. And you can get any style MIDI from here 


Understanding Your Pleats

Knife Pleated Skirts

A knife pleated skirt is when the pleats goes in one direction. And typically the pleats masterfully overlap one another. Knife pleated skirts are extremely elegant, but they do require a bit more care.

Midi Pleated Skirts

A midi pleat skirt can pair easily with a simple white tee or a camisole or even a v neck sweater. And a midi pleated skirt comes in various textures from silk to denim.

Skirt Length Matters

The most important thing is to choose the length of the skirt according to your shape. Once you’ll discover your favorite skirt, you can consider the different combos. These combinations will give you a modern and stylish look with your selected skirts.

By adding some colors and unexpected textures you can create a more stylish look with your skirts. Moreover, you can also make the combinations with a slouchy sweater, blazer, muscle tanks or a bomber jacket.

A Midi For All Occasions

Whether you are invited to a wedding, and a silk midi with a cami suits the occasion. Or you are heading for a picnic in the park with your honey and a denim skirt paired with a light white tee will complete your look.


Pair Different Midi Textures With Shoes

You can wear these skirts with different shoes to change the style. Perhaps a pair of cowboy boots with a silky skirt? Or some high heels or mules with a denim one to change it up. And there is never a bad time to throw on some cool sneaks and a denim jacket to add a rough edge to a soft midi skirt.  A patterned Midi will soften with sandals, and you can head right into summer with this look. 

Stay On Top Of The Look

What should you pair with your midi skirt? Perhaps a relaxed shape sweater, a t-shirt or tank that is casual? You can wear a blazer and a stunning cami. Or for lighter days, a blouse tucked in. A belted look with a button up will create a more relaxed bohemian look. 

We hope you have some fun with this latest fashion trend