Hero Mom Hilariously Chases Down Package Thief And Gets Her Package Back

Wednesday night, @D_Swizzle22 uploaded a video to Twitter that quickly began to go viral, racking up over 92,000 likes and 25,000 retweets in less than 48 hours’ time.

The video kicks off with the voice many of us are all too familiar with: that of an angry mom.

“Girl stole a package off my front porch and I’m gonna corner her,” says mom, training the phone camera on the perp. “Yep,” she confirms, as she approaches the woman.

“What’s your name?” asks mom. “What’s your name? Did you just steal something? GIVE IT!” she says. Just as she starts to warn the thief, saying, “I’m gonna f***ing call the police,” the woman takes off.


What ensues is a full minute and a half of mom running after thief, asking for her stolen Amazon package back.

“I’ve got you on camera b*tch, give me the f***ing thing, NOW!” she yells. Then: “I’m taping you!”

They continue running. The thief yells back, “Leave me alone lady, I didn’t take anything!” as she runs down the street past parked cars.

“Yes you did, I saw you!” says mom

“No you didn’t” says perp.

“Yes I did! Get your ass back here right now! You’re on tape, and you’re in trouble, now give it to me!”

At this point, a very loud and disorienting wind chime noise appears in the video. “Why are you stealing stuff???” yells mom again, to which the thief replies, “I’m homeless lady!”

If the woman expected sympathy, she was sorely disappointed.

“I don’t give a sh*t, you’re stealing stuff off my front porch, now GET OVER HERE NOW!” yells mom as she continues to jog after the woman.

“Throw it down, and I’ll delete this! THROW IT DOWN! DO YOU HEAR ME?” she yells, now panting heavily. This seems to have

The perp finally slows down, and hands what appears to be an empty Crock Pot brand duffel bag (??? I rewatched it 5 times and this was all I could come up with) to the mom while apologizing.

Mom had some choice parting words to the package thief.

“You f***ed with the wrong person, b*tch! What’s wrong with you, a**hole? What else you got? I know there’s something else in there?”

Then: “Good luck!”

People on Twitter were tickled over the end of the video, particularly mom’s sincere-sounding “good luck!”:

Some theorized about the wind-chimes sound effect:

The Crock Pot bag remains a mystery.