Nine Adjustments You Can Make For A More Sustainable Spring

Spring has sprung. So why not make it a more sustainable Spring? After all, now is the time to get into a renewed sense of self for the season. So here are a few ways to reduce your carbon footprint as you step into Spring.

Add Sustainable Clothing Items To Your Wardrobe

Look to add just a few basics to the mix. Here are some sustainable brands to try. Outerknown has a complete line of flannels, jumpers shorts and shirts for women. Check out their blanket shirts and jumpsuits for unique looks. If you are in the market for some ethical jeans check out white denim, cute dresses, shorts and all styles of denim at Ethica. Reasonably priced denim with the earth in mind.  Pair them with some Allbirds sustainable running shoes and you are ready to jump into the season.

Christy Dawn is taking sustainable clothing one step further. Check out their farm to closet program. Where every dress that you purchase helps farmers regenerate crops that continue to thrive.

Go Earth Friendly As You Spring Clean

There are so many cleaning products out there. However, finding ones that are more planet friendly can also be a chore. Good Home Co has cleaning supplies that raise the aromatherapy factor and pristinely clean your home while consciously honoring Mother Earth.

Sustainable Scents

Look to companies like Lush and Boiess to offer sweet smelling scents that are healthy for you and your younger ones in the house. Check out the White Blossom scent from Boiess that is prebiotic and vitamin infused with only natural ingredients.

Make Picnics Your Sustainable Staycation

Pack up the picnic toys, bikes, wander and roam planet friendly play mats and head to the park. Why spend money on travel and gas when your escape is waiting for you in your local community?

Reduce Energy Costs In The Home

Are you a restless sleeper? The bed temperature has an impact on your sleep and how often you wake up to turn the cool air and heat up and down. Look for a more sustainable solution with Aricove. They have weighted bamboo blankets that are both eco friendly and energy efficient, keeping you cool and cozy.

Ditch The Gym For Some Outdoor Exercise

Hiking, running and biking are great ways to get outside and get moving without excessive travel time and gas money. Travel by foot for a long walk in your neighborhood. Or grab that yoga mat and take your online class outside.

Eco Friendly Beauty

Seemingly pricey beauty procedures can sometimes have a lasting affect on the planet. In a good way. For instance, laser hair removal  can be expensive up front but in the long term can save on longer showers, razor and shave cream purchases.

Choosing vegan and cruelty free beauty products  that come in sustainable packaging is a more eco friendly Spring solution for your beauty routine.

Go Vegan

Missed out on Veganuary? Use seitan on your spring salad and vegan meats on your grill. Going vegan is the kindest way to support animals and Mother Earth.

Plan An Eco Friendly Vacation

If you are going somewhere, look for the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Reef safe suntan lotion pairs well with sustainable swimwear. Try booking non stop flights whenever you can as it is the taking off and landing that makes the carbon footprint. Road tripping? Rent a hybrid or electric vehicle and choose eco friendly hotel options.