Seven Ways To Celebrate Father’s Day When Your Boyfriend Is A Dad.

So you are dating a man that has kids, but those kids are not yours and you are just starting to get to know them. So what should you do, if anything, when Father’s Day arrives? I mean, he’s not your father, and you are not the mother of his kids. But respectfully, you know it is a significant time for him and you want to show support and acknowledge the holiday.

So since I am in this boat myself, here are seven ways to celebrate him on his Father’s Day.


1.) Shower him with love and praise.

This does not cost anything other than some of your compassion and sweetness. Remind him what a good dad he is and how much you love that about him.


2.) Encourage him to invest in his self-care.

It is just as easy for a Dad to get wrapped up in his work and parenting as a Mom and neglect their “them” time. A gift certificate for the local spa, or maybe some man products, will help encourage him to invest in self-care. I opted for this Anti-Fatique Essentials Bundle by Lumin, a great skincare company designed for men.


3.) Show up for him.

No errand is too small. By helping your honey with simple day-to-day errands, you express your love for him and his busy Dad schedule. Maybe send his little one a note of appreciation too with Boxfull.


4.) Invest in his favorite activities.

Maybe he is a Golf guy and could use an indoor Putt-A-Bout golf green. Or he’s really into his at-home gym and could use some more at-home equipment. Maybe a cool pair of joggers will motivate him.


5.) Cook for him.

Sure, you likely do that already. And if you don’t, that is fine too. By making him his favorite meal or taking him out to dinner, you remind him that he is loved and cared for. And that goes a long way for him as he nurtures his offspring as a Father.


6.) Get him Grilled Up

Most men love a good grill and grilling food for the family. The latest in grilling gadgets and gizmos are here! BBQ tools are getting cooler by the year. Here are some fabulous finds to consider to gift a Dad.

Check out these O-Yaki BBQ Grill Gloves that protect hands from flames but are easier to grill with than traditional BBQ mittens. And the O-Yaki Skewer system is perfect for grilling vegetables, meats, and vegan meats too. The perfectly compact skewers and design allow for easy transportation. So don’t forget the smores! And if he is into grilling fish, you can gift him sustainable seafood subscription services and one-time orders through Sitka Salmon Shares.

And if he is into fishing, perhaps gifting him a new rod, or grilling and smoking planks with rubs by Wildwood Grilling along with baking mats by Grand Fusion for those successful fishing trips.


7.) Encourage Philanthropy.

This Father’s Day weekend is also when the Surfrider Foundation celebrates International Surfing Day on Saturday, June 18th. A morning of beach cleans and volunteering on a sandy beach could be just the outing to feel compassionate and good about protecting Mother Earth while celebrating Fatherhood along the surf and sand. Don’t live near the beach? Look for volunteer events in your area this weekend by checking out VolunteerMatch. Bring the kids, and create a new tradition.

Closing Thoughts

Hallmark holidays come and go, and this one can be no different. Unless you choose to make it an extra special time for him. Because a dad leaves a lasting imprint on a child’s life.

So let’s Celebrate all Father’s this weekend, especially if he is your boyfriend.