Spring Forward – How To DeClutter Your Life Before Spring

Spring is coming– it is around the corner. And as Winter begins to wane and we thaw out, make vacation plans and bring color into our wardrobe while breaking out the thinner sweaters … it is time to reset so that Spring is in our step. Here are twelve ways to declutter your life before Spring arrives.

Declutter your closet.

Marie Kondo that closet. You can start by taking stock on the winter items you have not used this season and donating them to your local charity or consignment shop. Minimism is the new black after all. Shift your Spring items closer to the front of your closet so that you can see what you have. Maybe put on a fashion show with friends and swap items from each other to help complete your ideal Spring look for 2022. If you find that your current closet setup doesn’t fit your needs, consider upgrading to a more functional closet system.

Reorganize Your Kitchen

Winter herbs and spices can be replaced by Spring time seasonal blends. Check for expiration dates on teas and food items so that you enter your Spring palate fresh, clean and new, you Foodie, you.

Spring Clean Your Office

Most of us are working from home and our home office requires some maintenance. Clean your desk with eco wipes, and have hand wipes nearby to maintain a pristine home office. Recycle, shred and store unnecessary mail and documents and leave only the papers in your filing cabinet that you need access to. And remember to get those taxes done!  An office environment without clutter will help you save time, and clock out early. So that you can focus on the people and activities you love. Also, don’t forget to utilize roll off dumpster rentals in Leesburg for any large amounts of trash or clutter you need to dispose of.

Get Your Shoes Repaired And Your Bags Cleaned

The most sustainable way to shop for shoes, heels can be repaired for next to nothing and your favorite comfy Spring boots and strappy sandals can find a new life at a repair shop. Bring your Spring purses in too, for a clean up. They will be good as new, and sustainably chic too.

A Spa Day Is A Must

Maybe you are a wax girl or dream of a sweet sugar scrub to get your body Spring buffed and ready. Now is the time to book a spa day with your gal pals. Or make it an at home spa day to get ready for the new season.

A Spring Detox

Curb your alcohol by having mocktails and elixirs. Cut down or leave out the coffee, eat more fruit and less meat. Interested in a Keto diet? Or looking to add a plant based supplement to your diet?  Dive into these options now so that you can jump into Spring with extra energy.

Find Your Fitness

Now is the time to find your Spring Sport, Lagree Life, Cycling Cure, Swim Siren or Yoga You.  There are classes online and offline to get you into your strength training groove. Try to find some space at home to set up a mini home gym for those short bursts of planking with a plankpad meditation and stretching too.

Detox The Toxic

As the seasons change, we grow. And as we grow, we learn more about the people that we care about. Spring is an opportunity to break free or boundary set with those in our lives that have become toxic to us. And a time for us to reflect on how we are behaving with others. Spring is the best time to start to get out of our own way so that we can progress. -Spring Forward.