Tips for Taking Online Exams

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Examinations are a vital part of the education system. For the past so many years everyone was following the offline mode of examination where students need to come on time at school\colleges along with their belongings. They used to give the exam on provided answer sheets and assign it to the concerned teacher on completion of the exam. But the scenario of the offline exam is opposite to offline mode. Here are certain tips and guidelines that one needs to give due importance before, during, and after taking an online examination test


Tips to remember before taking an online exam


1. Read instructions carefully

Online exam might be a new concept for some of the students. It is important to read the guidelines carefully before attempting an online exam. You should know that the paper is of how many hours? Can you do a test while sitting at home? Which pen is to be used either black or blue? What is the exact time to upload the answer sheet? How to upload the answer sheet? Etc. Therefore, reading and understanding instructions are important so that you cannot make a mistake during taking an online exam.


2. Aware of test format

You should know beforehand whether the online exam is conducting in MCQ format i.e. objective or written paper i.e. Subjective or a combination of these two. So, a student should know this aspect so that they can make a strategy to complete the exam within a stipulated time.


3. Test yourself

Since it is a new concept of taking exams. So, an instructor makes practice exams to make you familiar with the system that how you can upload the answer sheets, and how much time it will take. So, before starting an exam, a Mock test is made available for all the students to make themselves aware of such a system.


4. Check your appliances

You do not want any chaos at the end or during an exam. So, it is important to readily check the computer\laptop appliances so that it may not trigger you in between the exam. You must make sure that you have all the provided software that is required for downloading and uploading an answer sheet with fast internet accessibility.


5. Plan your time

For example- If you are required to fill the 20 answer sheets for 5 questions then you know that for each question 4 pages should be utilized. Therefore, you should plan your time as to how much time to be spent on answering one question. If planning works well then you have the chance to complete the exam on time.


6. Think Positive Thoughts

Last moment before starting an exam, students feel nervous about how the exam will come. Will they be able to score good marks? Do they compete with time hours? So, before starting an exam, the student should have positive thoughts. Though it is an online exam, still the chances of finding an accurate answer could be less, so before taking an exam you must feel calm and relaxed and then start the exam with full enthusiasm.

Tips to remember during taking an online exam

1. Pay attention to time

Time is the most precious thing. The students need to keep an eye on the clock while taking an online exam. The student should make a concrete strategy to attempt all the questions within a stipulated time frame.


2. Don’t leave the test page

If you are allowed to make use of a browser for searching the material online then make sure to open a new window to browse the question because there are chances that you may lose all your work. Thus, it is vital to consider this point of utmost importance during an online exam.


3. Technical difficulties

There are chances that technical problems may arise during an exam. You need to calm yourself and do not panic no matter what. The evaluators will understand your problem and find an alternate option. If you are facing a problem in uploading the answer sheet then a particular Email Id would be provided to you so that you can send your answer sheets to that vary Id with ease.


4. Check your answer sheets before clicking on submit

You do not want your efforts to get ruin without proper analyzing your answer sheets. That means you must make sure to properly check the page number, roll no. on answer sheets before clicking on submit.


5. Click on submit

Now once you have checked all the answer sheets and the page number, now click on submit once on a provided link. If it does not submit then don’t be panic and again click on submit and if it does not work again, then have words with an instructor and send your answer sheets in an attached document.

Tips to remember after taking an online exam


1. Assess your progress

Now, once you have submitted your answer sheet. Do ask yourself how you perform? Do you attempt to answer all of the questions? Do you complete all the answer sheets?


2. Check grade in objective exams

Some exams give you instant results on submission while some tests that are based on a written test take a longer time to get results. So, if you have appeared in an objective format like MCQ’s then you can know your performance right there. It will motivate you to improve your score or you are doing well in your exams.


In Conclusion

Where everything is going online, the online exam also comes into existence. Due to the pandemic situation, many universities decided to opt for an online exam to safeguard the children’s future. Online exams are not which everyone already knows which means certain tips are a must before starting an exam, during starting of an exam, and after starting an exam. The student should know which online exam tool to use and how to upload the answer sheets? Etc. These above-mention tips are important to consider so that no further problem arises.

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