Unique Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day This Year

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that is either largely loved or largely despised depending on who you asked. Single or in love, some people just don’t have a taste for the candy hearts and roses, and some people are in love with all the sweetness that this day of love has to offer. No matter how you usually spend the day of love, there are a few unique ideas that you can look into for some fun and exciting experiences. Whether you’re rocking it solo, spending time with dear friends or cozying up with your beloved, you can make the most of this Valentine’s Day with some of these ideas.

Galentine’s Day

You may be familiar with the concept of Galentine’s Day from the show Parks and Recreation, although the popularity of this holiday has spawned long beyond its introduction in Pawnee, Indiana. Based on season 2, episode 16 of the show, it decrees February 13th as the day for celebrating female friendships — your gal pals, if you will. Brunch it up, have some drinks, and spend time with those you love! That’s what this day is all about!

Palentine’s Day

If you want your Galentine’s Day celebration to feel a little bit more inclusive, you can either switch up the name or switch up the celebration. Paletine’s Day is just what it sounds like — it’s for celebrating all of your wonderful pals! You can celebrate this on February 13th in place of Galentine’s Day, or you can celebrate it on the 15th so you have multiple celebrations! Additionally, you can also make February 13th Galentine’s Day, and have February 15th be Palentine’s Day for the boys!

Make It an Adventure

If you’re thinking of a more classic romantic time, going out on a regular date might seem a little bit played out. Why not try something totally spontaneous and different? Go on an adventure for this holiday! Of course, you totally can make an entire trip of it, but you can even find little adventures close to where you are. Explore a brand new hiking spot, try something wild like bungee jumping or going up in a hot air balloon! There are so many incredible choices that you might have to save a few for next year.

Self Care Extravaganza

This can be perfect for you to rock solo, for you to do with your love or for your friends to share in the fun! Sometimes, Valentine’s Day can have an air of pressure to it — like you should be doing something fancy and impressive, regardless of what you really want. If you would rather do the things that actually make you feel great, this is the perfect opportunity! You can plan a little spa day, take yourself somewhere nice or even accomplish some tasks you’ve been putting off if that’s what’s calling your name.

Take Yourself On a Date

Who says you need a partner to go on an awesome date? If you want to spend your night out on the town, do it! Partner or no partner, you deserve to have a great time and treat yourself! Find a spot to have a great meal, take yourself out for a drink or even go dancing all night long! Or you can find another date that you’d love to go on and do whatever you want, all day long. That’s the beauty of treating yourself! You know yourself the very best.

Plan a Night In

Again, this can apply to pretty much every group of people — from one single pringle to a whole crowd of pals. If you usually spend this day of love out and about, why not try something different this year and stay in? Plan a movie night, play some games or find a craft you can do! This can be a great way to relax, cozy up and feel super comfortable on this holiday.

Learn Something New

If you want to take things in a new direction and spice things up a notch, why not try something entirely different and learn a new skill this Valentine’s Day? Try taking a cooking class or learning how to tango! Go to couple’s yoga or finally rent that tandem bicycle. The sky is the limit with what you can learn, and trying something new together can truly be an enriching experience.

Getting Creative With Your Valentine

Even though Valentine’s Day might conjure up a very specific image for some, you can truly get creative and do whatever you want with the holiday. From spending it with some of your greatest friends to going solo on the date of your dreams, there’s no stopping you from having a beautiful day filled with love and care. What do you plan to do this Valentine’s Day? Do any of the options on this list stand out to you?

About The Author

Ava Roman (she/her) is the Managing Editor of Revivalist, a women’s lifestyle magazine that empowers women to live their most authentic life. When Ava is not writing you’ll find herin a yoga class, advocating for body positivity, whipping up something delicious in the kitchen, or smashing the patriarchy.