When Two Besties Come Together To Collaborate

We are very excited to announce two wonderful additions to our Puckermob Editorial team. Ashley Denton and Emmie Pombo. Welcome Aboard! Expect fun things from these two and the lovely writers they are bringing onboard!

Meet Ashley

Hey guys! I’m Ashley Denton, one of Puckermob’s newest editors. I am 23 years old and I’m coming to you guys from one of the smallest towns in New York! I have been writing professionally for a little over four years and editing for three! I may have a bit of a shopping and coffee addiction but it’s FINE! I went to school for music and theater therapy with a minor in business management, so I guess you could say i’m a bit of a theater nerd and a music geek but wear that badge with honor! Now you may be asking how did a girl with a music and theater major become an editor? Well you see, Writing is always something I have enjoyed and once I started professionally I had an AMAZING editor who showed me the way. This girl, my former editor has since become my absolute best friend who I have been able to work hand-in-hand with leading a team of extremely talented writers who have since joined us on our journey! I can’t wait for this journey with Puckermob so hop in, and enjoy the ride!


Meet Emmie

Hey, y’all! I’m Emmie, one of Puckermob’s new editors, and I’m coming to you live all the way from Nashville, TN! I’ve been editing and writing professionally off and on for five years and writing creatively for over 10. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Journalism and a certification in Makeup Artistry and Airbrushing. I’m a huge coffee lover, Twilight enthusiast, and tattoo fanatic (11 and counting), and am also very passionate about advocating for mental health. Ashley, the other new editor, started as one of my writers for the team of content creators I managed since 2016, and has grown into my best friend. I just finished my first-ever novel and am halfway done with my second (Can anyone say crazy overachiever? Definitely calling myself out, here). I’m so excited to be joining the Puckermob fam and can’t wait to jump into the amazing talent from the platform’s amazing creators.