Why Shopping Small This Saturday Is A Big Deal For Local Communities.

Small Business Saturday is around the corner. And there are small businesses run by men and women that could use a little extra love this time of year. With the convenience of ordering online through larger entities, it is becoming harder and harder for small businesses to keep up.

The good news is with the supply chain issues this year and a post pandemic awakening for most, Ideas of shopping small, local and with purchasing thoughtful gifts for your loved ones are at the forefront of most customers this year. Here are five ways to support your local community this Small Business Saturday.

Shopping Locally means supporting your community.

For local businesses, regular customers and return customers mean sustainability. Supporting your local merchants by showing them you care this holiday season will help them not only thrive through the season but survive a slower than expected new year.

Shopping Local Means Getting What You Want

Want that present gift wrapped? Hoping to order something that is not in the store? A local merchant will do everything they can to make your holiday extra special. Their gratitude for your business will reveal itself in gestures such as discounts, pre orders and more. So be sure to make it easy for the local shops to get you what you want. Because ultimately what they want is your return business.

Find Unique One Of A Kind Pieces

Sometime supporting local means finding something extra special and unique. Who needs the same old generic present from you this year? Why not find something local that has more thought put into it?

Supporting Local Means Supporting Your Community

Because the same store owner has children that attend the same school as your son or daughter. And the same store owner could be part of your homeowners association or perhaps someone that can support you in your business? Community is a circle of love and support of those who help others.

Shopping Local Is More Sustainable

Shopping locally could mean getting a discount on fitness classes this weekend that you were planning to attend anyway. Or makeup that you are just about to replenish. Support Small Business Saturday in any way that you can. And do some good by helping others in your local community. You can enjoy the discounts and the appreciation in return. Shop small!

Looking for other ways to support entrepreneurs and small businesses? Check out Consignment Stores  for sustainability and unique items and Support Etsy  stores to support local artistry on Etsy while still benefiting from be able to order online.

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