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7 Ways To Check in With Your Mental Health During a Quarantine

Check In With Yourself While In Quarantine

Hi everyone. First of all, I miss you all! And to those I have not met yet, I miss you even more. I am a social butterfly, so this ‘Social Isolation’ thing is really giving me some challenges.

So, here we all are.. and we are in this together. But we are locked inside, separately, under quarantine for who knows how long… ¬†And while it can be especially hard for those with mental health issues, It can be a difficult time for ANYONE’S mental health.

So to keep ourselves busy, and sane, we have put together our top 7 great ways to stay in tune with your mental health during quarantine. Listen up. Or read along and watch our cool explainer video.

Top 7 Ways To check in with your mental wellbeing while Social Distancing.



Thats right. Write down your feelings, thoughts, and write out your favorite motivational quotes for yourself to read each morning. Find a mental spring in your step so you get moving on the daily.

Cuddle A Pet

Pets bring us comfort. And we nurture them and they nurture us. Did I mention that they love hugs? So go give them a sweet squeeze and a big forehead smooch. I guarantee that they have NO issue with you staying at home. They probably think you finally understood their whining every time you left and got the message. Way to figure it all out, human!

Get Crafty

Are you an artist waiting to be discovered? Or is baking your thing? Working with your hands will help you feel accomplished, keep your mind busy and give you the gratification you crave. Not to mention, some great content to post for your next quarantine life selfie. So create, build, and BE your best self, in the comfort of your own home.

Stay In Therapy

I know that March for most of us, felt like a year not a month. But the truth is, this all will pass. And when life resumes, you need to be mentally ready to get back in the swing of things and the enjoyment of it all. So STAY in Therapy and continue your mental health activities.

Online therapy is great. And so needed during this time.

Create A Quarantine, Routine

That’s right. You get up, make that bed, brush your teeth, wash your face, take your shower, have your morning coffee. And GET DRESSED. ¬†Remember, even though you are at home, you are still living your life. As humans, we crave routine. So create one. And have some normalcy. But feel free to indulge in your loungewear.. I get it. I really do!

Embrace The Nap

Not only are naps good for you to clear your mental cache and get a mind refresh, studies have shown that sleep contributes to boosting your immune system. So rest up! For your health!

Now Take It Easy….

Finally and most important. Go easy on yourself. Pace yourself. This is an emotionally overwhelming time for all of us. And while we feel all the feels, we need to allow ourselves to take our time with things. Take the personal pressure off a bit. And use this time to reconnect with friends and family by phone and to simply reconnect with ourselves. So use this time to reset. And take all the time that you need. No pressure. Just know that it’s going to be ok.