Dungeons and Dragons Anyone?

Breaking Out The Retro Games During Quarantine

Anyone getting in to puzzles, at home? Maybe some connect four? Or Operation, Hungry Hungry hippo? Sorry, Monopoly Trivial Pursuit, I could go on a and on about retro games.

Playing Some D&D

What a great time to try something new and play a fun little game of D&D. A role playing game that no longer appeals to just white men. One a medieval war game and is now a provocative adventure game that challenges the mind. Have a quest for adventure? Dungeons and Dragons is your game!

You can even play virtually with your friends from around the world. It’s fun, thought-provoking and not quite as nerdy as you might think. Here are some D&D tips to motivate you to roll that 120 sided dice.

Dungeon Master? Sexist game? Well, it used to be. Women are taking the gaming world by storm and D&D has resurged to be more streamlined and accessible for all genders, ethnicities and has actually become a genderless game. A modern take on the original, but now and all age friendly game.

So indulge you and your friends and family in storytelling, using your imagination in a collaborative online setting. And check out our video that explains the games history and just how far this roleplaying game has evolved.

As you may already know, there are many characters in D&D, such as Monk, Fighter, and Barbarian. For those of you who are looking to get into Dungeons and Dragons, or are simply curious about the game, this Dungeons and Dragons 5e Barbarian guide is for you. This character guide will tell you everything you need to know in order to create a successful Dungeons and Dragons 5e Barbarian character. First, let’s talk about what a Barbarian is. A Barbarian is somebody who comes from a savage, uncivilized land and is unafraid of battle. They are fierce warriors who often enter into a blood rage during combat, making them even more dangerous. When creating your Dungeons and Dragons 5e Barbarian character, keep this in mind. Try to come up with a backstory that would fit such a character. Perhaps your character was raised by orcs in the wild or honed their skills as a gladiator in an arena. Once you have an idea of who your character is, it’s time to start thinking about stats.