Staying Occupied During Quarantine

Staying Occupied During A Quarantine

Staying at home all day long without getting out for in-person interactions with friends and family is so tough. And it’s enough to make a girl go completely stir crazy. So here are 10 ways to stay occupied by making the most of this strange time while keep you occupied in quarantine.


Number 1 Be A Bookworm

Read A Book — Audio, Hardback, Whatever. Books stir up our creative juices and they can take you everywhere you cannot travel to now. So grab a book and start dreaming.

Number 2 Find Your Fitness

Exercise- Boost your immunity, get your stress out and channel if for good. Follow free workouts online. Move your body and you will get through this in good mental and physical shape.

Number 3 Mediation and Mindfulness

Learn How to Meditate- Bring out your inner zen- Yoga, chill, and find that breath! You need to use this time to get centered. None of these tools are a wasted effort.

Number 4 Pick Up A Pet

Adopt of Foster A Pet So may dogs and cats would love to be your quarantine pal! So adopt don’t shop your furry new bestie.

Number 5 Just Juggle

Learn a hobby- like how to juggleРsure,.. why not.  Anything to change focus, and have fun with it!

Number 6 Learn A Language

Speak a new language– go for it! You can get all set up with Rosetta Stone here.

Number 7 Housekeep your Home

Organize your house, spring cleaning anyone?? All those things you have been meaning to do… do those.

Number 8 Delve into DND

Play Dungeons and Dragons ¬†online — just do it! ¬†7 people on a Zoom call is a good way to connect and use your imagination.

Number 9 Pick Up the Phone

Phone a friend or family member. Take the time that you have and use it for some sweet reconnecting with family and friends.

Number 10 Self Care for Sanity

Find your chill. Whatever is going to work for you, to get through this time. Comfort food, fave movies, find your favorites and find your balance.