Taking Care of the To-Do List During Quarantine or Not


Making the most of my time in quarantine or not….. How about you? Any post it, honey do, meaning to get to, one day, someday, at some points you could do… like now? Here are some ideas to get your task master brain turned on and your check box satisfaction happening or not.

Task Master ? Or Task, What Task?

What better time than now? We are all stuck at home due to the stay at home mandate. So why not make lemonade out of these here lemons.. and start knocking out a bunch of to-do list items. Right? Well, easier said than done as always. Here’s a fun list of to-dos that I thought I would get done during my quarantine, but haven’t quite been able to.

  1. Puzzled by the fact that I never got that puzzle finished. Attention span- ZERO
  2. Desk dreams? No, I am a desk hoarder apparently.
  3. Hobbies– not me- I cannot GO there.
  4. Hydrate-? Coffee Wine and Me. Water? Hmmm not so much.
  5. Recipes? My Pinterest board is ready but — Mac and Cheese are my friends.
  6. Actually get dressed? PJS are just soooo comfy. I do not miss Denim.