12 Hobbies To Try Before Spring

The winter time is often a great time to learn something new about yourself and get interested in new skills. Especially things that you can do indoors. With the weather being a little bit gloomy, it creates a great opportunity to find entertainment in a variety of places. Even with the spring coming up sooner rather than later, you can still learn new hobbies and get interested in new activities just in time to bring them into the beautiful weather of the new season. Here are just a few hobbies that you can try out before spring.


Learning to paint truly can be all about the fun of it. This is part of what makes it such a great hoby! Yes, you can take painting classes and learn techniques, but you can also let your artistic spirit run wild.


Speaking of artistic spirits running wild, there are so many great ways to take up dancing! If you feel like jumping right into dance classes, you can totally find a beginner drop-in class in your area. If you want to try it more privately, you can look up videos to get yourself started.


Ceramics and working with clay can be a great hoby to get interested in, especially if you like to fidget and work with your hands. While you can take classes and make some long-lasting ceramics to keep forever, you can also let your imagination run free with non-drying clay that you can shape and reshape over and over again!


You can try out yoga at any time, no matter who you are or what your experience has been like. That’s a part of the beauty of it. Yoga is for everyone, and you can get started by hitting a beginner class or even just by doing a yoga video in the comfort of your own home.


Journaling is a fantastic way to get in touch with yourself, your emotions and your desires. Even if you aren’t a writer, you can use journaling as a space to express yourself and your creativity, and it can feel fantastic! Journaling can even be just a few sentences — it’s all about what feels comfortable for you.


If you want to get a little bit more exercise in, you can take up running and get training for the spring time. If you love the feeling of running outside, practicing a little bit during the colder months can get you prepared for the spring time.


Similar to running, biking can also be a great way to spend a little bit more time outside. So, if you want to get practicing during the colder months, you can prepare yourself to cycle outside all spring and summer long.

Gym Time

If you’re looking for a way to get a little bit more exercise in it during the dead of winter, you can always go for the classic option of going to the gym. Some people genuinely enjoy lifting weights and doing stationary cardio. If this sounds like you, the gym might be a fantastic place for you to spend a little bit of time and genuinely enjoy yourself.


On the flipside from exercise, plenty of people also find that they have a great need for stillness in their lives. If this sounds like you, you might want to give meditation a try. Although some people find that they can meditate for hours and hours, you definitely don’t need to sit around all day long in order to have a good meditation practice. Even a few minutes a day can become a great habit to keep around.


If you want some thing to do with your hands while you let your mind rest, knitting and other forms of hands-on crafting can be a great way to spend a little bit of time while you wait for the weather to warm up outside. If you love the idea of making things from scratch, you can always take up knitting and crocheting, which is fantastic for making all kinds of unique garments.


If your primary passion is helping others, you might want to think about volunteering with some of your free time. There are so many fantastic organizations and places in your community that need helping hands, so if you find yourself with a little bit of extra time consistently every week, you can always devote it to those in need.

Learning to Cook

Whether you already love to chef it up in the kitchen or you have a history of a bit of a takeout problem, learning how to cook is a great indoor activity that actually has so much use in daily life. Even just learning a few recipes can be extremely useful and fulfilling, no matter what you decide to cook up.

Hobbies to Try Before Spring

Whether spring is fast approaching or you have a few months left to go, there are so many ways that you can spend your time in order to enjoy yourself and prepare yourself for spring. Which of these activities are you excited to try first?

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